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ANOTHER ‘DOLEMITE’ MOVIE IN THE WORKS: Rudy Ray Moore to exec-produce and possibly take a role in new remake.

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“Dolemite,” the 1975 blaxploitation film to end all blaxploitation films, is about to get a 2007 upgrade.

The remake rights to the film, created by comedian-writer-producer Rudy Ray Moore as a parody of the blaxploitation genre, were purchased by filmmaker Bill Fishman and will include Moore as an executive producer.

The title character is an ex-con who joins a crew of “kung-fu fighting girls” in an attempt to regain control of his nightclub. While in jail on false charges, Dolemite’s nemesis Willie Green took control of the venue.  In his quest to reclaim the nightspot, Dolemite has run-ins with the bumbling detectives, who not only framed him, but are trying desperately to get him back behind bars.      

“I think there is a certain sincerity in the original that is kind of undeniable,” said Fishman, who will also direct the film.  “(Moore’s) a cult figure and a luminary … He’s an original.”     

Moore created the Dolemite character during his years as a stand-up comic. The alter-ego appeared in several of his comedy albums.      

Fishman’s Fallout Entertainment company is about to begin casting for the movie, and has already had discussions with several comedians and rap stars, including Snoop Dogg, according to the Hollywood Reporter.     

“(We are) giving enough respect to the original and building on it,” said Fishman, whose credits included “Car 54, Where are You?” and “Tapeheads.” “We are going to use some of the original one liners. (Moore’s) eminently quotable.”

Fishman hopes the production will begin in the fall. The film is set in Los Angeles, but he said there are discussions about shooting in New Orleans.

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