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GEORGE WALLACE GETS SLY: Comedian welcomes Sly Stone to his ‘Vegas show.

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      ( Comedian-writer George Wallace, whose career rocketed when he became a writer for “The Redd Foxx Show,” has now become a very popular staple of the Las Vegas Strip.

      Wallace is one of the many entertainers that is making Sin City one of the premiere entertainment destinations, selling out shows nightly.

      The Vegas show, aptly called the “George Wallace Show” plays at the Flamingo Hotel and is often a place to showcase other hot comedians, as well as singers including Chris Rock, Jennifer Holiday, and Jerry Seinfeld.

      However, while his ‘Vegas gig is only a bit of what the comic is known for – he’s been a part of radio’s Tom Joyner Morning Show and Isaac Hayes on WRKS, not to mention numerous film cameos – this weekend’s show is expected to be extraordinary.

This Saturday night, Wallace welcomes Sly Stone to the stage.

      Yes, Sly Stone.

      “He’s one of my favorite performers,” Wallace said of the elusive legend. “So if he’s gonna come back, he might as well start with me. I’m going to do that with a lot of entertainers who haven’t worked in a while and some new people. There’s not a real showcase anymore, so before they go out on tour their going to start with me. Sly is going on a world tour, starting with me and then they go over to Europe. They agreed to do it and that’s why we’re doing it.”

      Wallace is well aware of the psychedelic funkster’s sporadic reputation, but he told EUR’s Lee Bailey that he’s not worried or concerned.      “We’re expecting him to be here. Somebody had to take a chance, so it’s me. I imagine if somebody was going to come back, they’d start off on the right foot. The credibility issue was 25 years ago,” he discounted.

      Wallace admitted that he wasn’t particularly a close friend of the artist, but that he simply thought it would be great to have Sly & Co. back on stage.

      “I just decided to call him and I made a deal with him and he decided to do it,” he said modestly and explained that the appearance will be a concert though it’s encompassed in his headline.

      “It’s just my show; part of the ‘George Wallace Show.’ It is a concert, but it’s still the ‘George Wallace Show.’”

      Sly and his entourage/band of 12 are scheduled to hit the stage tomorrow night (Saturday) at the Flamingo Hotel where Wallace has been headlining for four years. Currently, he’s working the same space that singer Toni Braxton does her show, too. Though unlike Braxton, Wallace produces, directs and markets – basically does it all to put on the gig.

      “I’m a bonafide headliner in Las Vegas,” he added. “I’ve been here for four years. Prince is doing it, Celine Dion, Elton John – it’s just a new way to do it. That’s why Las Vegas is the hottest place in the world right now.”

      As for this weekend, one of the hottest spots on the strip will certainly be the Flamingo with Sly Stone appearing.
      “People are excited. We’re looking forward to have a good time, and we’re expecting to have a lot of fun. People are flying in from all over,” Wallace said.

      For tickets for the show, call 707-733-3333. Showtime starts at 10:00 pm, this Saturday night in the Flamingo Showroom. George can always be seen in what’s been called “The Best 10p.m. Show on the Las Vegas Strip” every night at the Flamingo.

      For more on George Wallace, check out his website at

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