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Rapper Rev. Run Featured On Oprah Winfrey Show

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( Talk show mogul Oprah Winfrey hasn’t received much love from the Hip-Hop community lately.

Minor incidents with Hip-Hop stars such as Ludacris and Ice Cube has the billionaire deemed a Hip-Hop hater by many, but hopefully an appearance by a Hip-Hop legend on Winfrey’s show will silence critics.

Joseph “Reverend Run” Simmons from the legendary Hip-Hop group Run DMC made a special appearance on The Oprah Show to discuss the upcoming season of his reality show Run’s House.

Not a stranger to Hip-Hop or problems facing the Hip-Hop community, Reverend Run shared his opinion on Winfrey’s situation.

“I don’t know if it’s Hip-Hop that she has a big problem with,” Reverend Run told “I think that she has a problem with some of the images that might not fit the people that watch her show. She does things that are close to what she thinks her audience will like.”

The episode is scheduled to air Monday, Apr. 2 and will feature Reverend Run and his family discussing the upcoming show, their battle with losing their newborn, and even his daughters’ upcoming sneaker line called “Pastries.”

Reverend Run and family’s appearance on The Oprah Show was actually suggested by Winfrey’s well-know best friend Gayle King.

“Well, Gayle King is a friend, and she kept telling Oprah, ‘Man, there’s this show with Reverend Run, and he writes these words of wisdom’, and she was talking to her for awhile about it until she finally said, ‘Okay, let’s have him on the show’,” Reverend Run told

Run’s House , now in its third season, will depict new experiences and obstacles faced by the Simmons family such as Vanessa and Angela’s move to New York City, the death of their child, and the continuation of the eldest son JoJo’s rap career.

By Alexis Jeffries and Danielle Harling

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