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The N-Word Syndrome…400 Years of Machiavellianism?

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Los Angeles, CA ( – Community leaders all across America are now stepping up to the plate and challenging the insanity that’s been going on within the black community relative to the self-deprecation use of the n-word, and other profane words. Mogul Executive, Russell Simmons is to be commended with his initiative to confront the issues relative to the music industries complicity, by calling for corporate responsibility, even though he did stop short of holding rappers accountable for anything.

However, the real work now begins because there are multi-millions of blacks who see nothing wrong in embracing the n-word and the denigrating and mindless lyrics of some rap music. There are blacks and whites alike all around the country trying to sell the idea that the n-word is just another word and will try to trivialize and minimize the true meaning and purpose of this Power…for it is indeed that a Power a diabolical Power…unlike any other word in the English language.

The N-word holds all of America hostage. Contemporary black and white America alike, are victims of a deep dark, sordid, and immoral past. There is more than just a disparaging meaning to this word. Derogatory terms such as wetbacks, kike, hymie, dago, faggots, etc. are just that…derogatory. Though there are those who try to reduce the full impact and purpose of the n-word as merely being nothing more than a derogatory slur…this can’t be allowed to happen. A gross miscarriage of justice was committed for more than a span of three centuries all in the name of the n-word. There were vicious, terrible and horrible misdeeds inflicted upon the ascendants of African Americans that many people today would like to have swept underneath a rug and forgotten about. And to a degree have been very successful in doing just that.

It wasn’t enough to just bring our ancestors over to work the land…for whatever reason…there was another agenda. This agenda was to destroy the minds of a race of people, rob them of their identity and mold their way of thinking as to how America wanted them to think. This was successfully done in a most unconscionable, malicious, methodical and unimaginable way.

The name that a people call themselves provides them with an understanding of their history by connecting them to a land mass, a language, a culture, a religion, a philosophy, etc. And in this vein you know who you are and your potential as a people. Today…we have no idea who we are…nor our potential. Some wants to think of us only as Blacks, others, African Americans and there are those who once again wish to be referred to as Negro–confusion reigns. Our distant ancestors of the Moorish Civilization who were conquerors of the free world as it existed at the time, builders of magnificent palaces, universities, thriving civilizations and who helped to free Europe from the Dark Ages, would look down upon us today with complete disdain and utter contempt.

Contemporary Americans know little about the most darkest and ugliest moments of n-word’s history…the torturing…physically, mentally and emotionally of black Americans breaking them down to accept their newly imposed image, the image of a n**ger which is a metaphor for a sub-human (below the human race in development).

Being so-called up-right Christians…America needed something to justify their actions of insensitive, cruel, mutilating, torturous and inhumane treatment towards another man. Thus by destroying minds, and re-creating another image of what was labeled as a n**ger, this was all the justification needed to commit atrocities on a race of people in any way that they so deemed, seeing as how a n**ger wasn’t considered a human being but indeed sub-human. This was supposed to make all committed acts of dehumanization justifiable.

Robbed of heart, mind, body, soul and manhood an image was created of laziness, savages, thievery, drunkardness, irresponsible, moral degenerates, slick, mindless, heartless, senseless, inferior, scum, something to be despised and considered worthless…lack of love and self respect for self, and to show no love or respect towards his woman or child. Even though the black woman was included in this vindictive conspiracy she was allowed to have a little more self-esteem than her counter-part black male, eroding the black man’s image of himself even further. This is the N-word…it is mind-control…an image. An image that has been browbeaten and physically beaten, into the hearts, minds and soul of the African American for more than 300 years.

Present day attitude seems to be so what–who cares?–after-all they were sub-humans not fit to be respected and revered. What happened to them has nothing to do with me. Any Black person who is gullible enough to go for that crock of you know what…needs their you know what’s kicked from here (California) all the way to New York City and back to California again. It’s a darn shame that we have allowed ourselves to be bamboozled into thinking its okay to relate to a word that made it okay to crucify, castrate, torture, murder, maim and rape our ancestors and we are okay with this. There are those actually selling their souls for thirty pieces of silver to further undermine their own people. How preposterous is that? Where is the racial pride? Oh! I almost forgot that’s something we were robbed of as well. Our Moorish ancestors must be fuming at such displays of imbecility.

The n-word is clearly a defined racist term steeped in ignorance, degradation and immorality and yet there are those who see nothing wrong in blacks continuing to identify with such a mind controlling self-deprecation of a word. Of course, the killings, lynching and murders are common knowledge…but far more than that…happened. Happenings…that no one cares to discuss or talk about.

e.g. In 1904 black sharecroppers Luther Holbert and his wife were chained to a tree and a audience of 600 white spectators enjoyed treats like deviled eggs, lemonade and whiskey in a festive atmosphere while Mr. and Mrs. Holbert had first their fingers chopped off one by one, followed by their ears, followed by a severe beating that left Mr. Holbert with one eye dangling from it’s factured socket, followed by “spirals…of raw, quivering flesh” being extracted from both Holberts via a corkscrew before the couple were finally burned alive. And as they were drawing their last breath the last words they would hear were the jeers of n**ger, n**ger, n**ger…a word that is today condoned and embraced by descendants of people such as the likes of a Mr. & Mrs. Holbert.

It’s not just enough to no longer want to embrace this word, but we need to, and must understand–WHY?–we shouldn’t be embracing it, for its meaning and PURPOSE far exceeds that of a racial slur.

By H. Lewis Smith

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