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Famous Amos No Longer Black Owned

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(Akiit.com) One of the most popular phrases in urban communities is “support black businesses.” The declaration instills pride and promotes the survival of the black business merchants. The phrase became a necessity because, after the civil rights movement and integration, the black business district began to decline.

So whenever there’s a black business or a product developed by a black person, it’s an act of empowerment to put the black dollar back in the community.

But if you think you’re supporting black business by buying “Famous Amos” cookies, think again.

In the past, I had occasionally bought “Famous Amos” cookies to practice the support black business philosophy. I learned in high school that the cookie company was founded by a black man, but that’s all I knew. The cookies have a bitter after taste to me, and I never understood what was so famous about them.

Then I read Friday an Associated Press story about Wally Amos’ new successful venture –muffins. While reading the story, I learned that he was the man behind the Famous Amos brand. I also learned he no longer has ownership in the company. WHAT A SHOCKER.

Famous Amos has changed hands four times, according to the AP story, and Wally Amos can no longer use the catch phrase to describe himself. The cookie company still uses his image and name. In the story, Amos said the cookie recipe today has deviated from the original one he developed. Company officials counter those claims in the story. That might explain the bitter after taste.

What a shame to see something you worked so hard to build be taken over by someone else.

I don’t care to buy the cookies anymore because it didn’t appeal to my taste buds to begin with, and the money won’t be going to the inventor.

Kellogg is now the owner of the Famous Amos cookies, and officials with the company said in the AP story it is the fastest growing cooking brand. I wonder if that’s because black consumers are gobbling them up to do their part to support the black business.

Hold Kellogg officials accountable and let them know to invest in the black community since the community has already invested in them

By Merissa Green

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