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( Throughout history various status quos have marketed limiting visions of human potential for one express purpose: Control.

America, for all her laudable lip service about freedom, is no different. This “ free ” people routinely swallow limitations imposed from on high and amazingly, ask for more! Dissidents Left and Right are demonized, from Al Sharpton to the Tea Party Movement, simply for pursuing a particular vision of freedom.

The cult of limitation isn’t one religious or political order. Its shadow covers any institution where control can be exerted: families; friendships; romance; jobs; government; places of worship, the list is endless. So long as they benefit from our inaction all is well. Anyone raising his hand to say, ” Excuse me I don’t want your control ” is immediately criminalized.

Look at some conservative responses to Al Sharpton. They start frothing at the mouth and growling like creatures possessed! Notice those liberals who see tea parties as state of the art right-wing evil shaking and screaming at its mere mention. While valid critiques can be leveled at both, at least the Reverend and this new movement are rattling chains attached to the body politic. Silence in the context of freedom either means stupidity or cowardice.

Waiting in the wings the cult of limitation plays true believers on both sides like a violin. Red meat is cynically tossed out through the media and feeding frenzies managed to always benefit control. The United States, seen through this lens, becomes a cage with internet; cable TV; ipods and other amenities. It’s still a cage nonetheless and until its cult of limitation is dethroned, her citizens remain captive until declaring themselves otherwise.

Partisanship aside, I don’t think a liberal solution or conservative answer will unshackle America. Narrow theocracy on one side battling secular humanism offers thinking people little comfort. Until the cult of limitation in both parties is ripped out by their roots, good American liberals and conservatives continue being used.

All the cult of limitation can do is get out of my way. I was born free by the grace of God and no one can change that unless I allow it.

Sorry about the preachy ending but that’s my sincere feeling.


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