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Building Muscle.

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( When it comes to building muscle for men, there are essentially two different ways that people tend to go about doing this. I say this in terms of the way they approach their diet, you see, in order for your body to be able to be put in the position to be able to build muscle, you have to put yourself in a caloric surplus.

This means eating over what your maintenance calories are, which you can find out on various websites by entering information such as your weight, age etc.

You can go with the “clean” bulk or the “dirty” bulk. Both are going to put you in that caloric surplus that you are looking for which enables you to build muscle if you are training at the gym. However, the difference is that when you are on a clean bulk you are likely to be over your maintenance calories by around 500 calories, give or take a couple hundred. When it comes to the dirty bulk, it is going to be easier for you to be in a caloric surplus.

Why is this?

Well a clean bulk tends to consist of mainly whole foods, things like chicken, rice, wholemeal, oatmeal etc. People often get easily bored of eating these kinds of foods and are likely to be inclined to not eat as much of it.

A dirty bulk includes a lot of foods that are more concerned with the amount of calories instead of the quality of food, so you are likely to find it easier to eat much more of it as you are enjoying it.

I would recommend going with the clean bulk as it’s an effective way of putting on muscle whilst minimising fat gain as well as the fact that your body is going to be much healthier as a result.

Staff Writer; Shawn Davis

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