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Three Awesome Things That Happen When You Stop Eating Bread.

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(Akiit.com) And let me preface things by saying that when I say “bread,” I’m talking about bread that is specifically made from wheat. So that goes for white bread, wheat bread, whole grain wheat bread, etc… And in just a little bit you guys will fully understand why wheat bread is the red-headed stepchild of this post.

Ok, so let’s start with Awesome Thing That Will Happen #1.

  1. Your skin will get clearer!

You’ve all heard the saying that “beauty starts from the inside out.” Well there is a similar saying in the medical community that what happens in your body is directly mirrored on your skin. That stated, there is a good portion of the population that has a dietary sensitivity to bread containing wheat, and other wheat products. This condition is known as wheat intolerance and symptoms of wheat intolerance can range from simple bloating to more bothersome conditions like acne and dermatitis. Now the whole concept of wheat intolerance is very straightforward and similar to other conditions you may have heard of, like lactose intolerance. And like people with lactose intolerance who choose to give up dairy, many people with wheat intolerance do report an almost immediate improvement in the look and feel of their skin once they give up bread.

  1. Your belly will get flatter!BLACKman-eating-sandwich-2016

Piggybacking off of #1 above, nixing bread from your diet could also help with that annoying puffiness and bloating around your midsection. The reason for this is often for the same reason I mentioned above – wheat intolerance. Another reason why a bread-free diet can lead to a flatter belly is because bread is full of carbs, and many of the wheat breads that people choose when grocery shopping tend to be highly processed and full of fast carbs which rapidly spike blood sugar, which then fills your “carb tank”, which then puts your body into fat storage (instead of fat burning) mode.

Bottom line, when you cut bread from your diet (particularly poor quality-highly processed bread) you’ll end up cutting out a lot of fast carbs from your diet, you won’t overflow your “carb tank”, and you’ll be able to lose weight faster. Hence you’ll have a flatter belly!

Now if you’re a little confused on this whole “fast carb-carb tank” thing, I recently shared a video on my YouTube channel on How to Eat Carbs and Not Gain Weight where I break things down easy-breezy, so check it out below.

  1. You’ll have more energy!

Remember the last time you ate that yummy Italian sub for lunch, and shortly after you were ready for a quick cat nap? Many of us are quite familiar with the “afternoon slump” that occurs immediately after our lunch breaks and the reason why we often crave a nap after eating bread is because of the heavy dose of carbs we get from this type of food.

Here’s the short and sweet: Carbohydrates trigger the release of feel-good brain chemicals that help us to relax. So when we eat a high carbohydrate food (like bread), we tend to become more chill, more calm, and very sleepy. In addition to that, bread is a high glycemic food and foods that are high on the glycemic index are notorious for causing blood sugar levels to spike. Now this rapid rise in blood sugar may initially make you feel hyped up and energetic, but when the sugar leaves your bloodstream, you’ll soon experience that oh-so-familiar energy crash.

Conclusion: Less bread = more stable blood sugar levels and higher energy levels.

And that concludes today’s post on the 3 awesome things that can happen when you stop eating bread:

  1. Your skin will look clearer and healthier,
  2. You’ll have more energy (no more afternoon slump!), and
  3. You’ll have a flatter belly!

So what are your overall thoughts on today’s post? Do you eat bread?

Columnist; Dr. Phoenyx

Official website; http://www.drphoenyx.com

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