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Keep Your Team On Top Of Their Game.

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( Being a part of a sports team is being part of an amazing dynamic. Each member is a part of something way bigger than the sum of the whole. We know that participating in team sport brings amazing benefits to individuals. Running such a club can at times be exhilarating but it can also be hard work. Are you in the role of coach or leader, or you are thinking about getting involved? What are some of the things that you can do to maintain that sense of spirit and togetherness and above all to keep things fresh and fun?

Training sessions

Everybody wants to be on the team and the scoresheet, but sometimes we struggle to find the same amount of motivation for training sessions. This is especially so on dark and cold nights. Yet you know that this is where it matters. You will more than likely link attendance to the chances of being picked for the team. But is there anything else you can do to make training more interesting and challenging?

Sometimes it can really help to mix things up a little. Why not try training in another environment for example? Take the team down the beach, or into the forest for a run. You could try working with other sports clubs. Take your rugby team to a yoga or a dance class for example. Consider bringing along a guest trainer. Everybody will work hard to impress and new face! Take your team on a fun run or obstacle outdoors adventure course. Take them ice skating. Get blackkids-playing-soccerthem behind a community project.

Motivation and Inspiration

Now and again it can be a valuable exercise to try new ways to inspire a team. You could plan a night watching an inspirational movie or sports related documentary. Find local speakers who would be willing to come and give your club a talk about success and the team dynamic. Keeping a team motivated is one of the hardest tasks you have to do. If you’re contemplating coaching a youth sports club, it will pay to have some good strategies up your sleeve.

Uniforms, medals and trophies

The one thing that every team wants to get their hands on is that all important shirt. It gives your team a huge sense of unity and is a big source of pride. Naturally you’ll want to encourage that feeling. Why not design your own unique rugby shirt for the team? You could have it as a special one-off or develop a new strip for next season. You could even run a design competition for ideas from the team. Anything to develop pride and unity can only help their sense of identity. Using medals and trophies is an excellent way of motivating. Are there categories of awards that you could develop?


There is always room here to develop activities. A club that encourages its members to have some fun and enjoy a wide range of activities is always going to work together better in every situation. Build in rewards for hard work and effort. Plan social events to reward players and families.

Organising and running a club is a big responsibility. A club is a real credit to all those who work hard to organise and inspire. You may as well make it as enjoyable as possible.

Staff Writer; Gary Worthy

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