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SEO Must-Dos For Ecommerce Businesses.

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(Akiit.com) If you are selling anything online – in any capacity – then you have a few things you need to think about. However, in this guide, I’m going to look specifically at SEO. It’s vital that you have all the basics in place first, of course. Anyone struggling should check out this guide to get you up to speed.

But, once all those principles are in place, is it possible to use SEO to boost your ecommerce sales? You bet it is – and that’s what we are going to take a look at today. Here are some must-dos of SEO that work when combined with ecommerce.


First of all, if you know nothing about SEO, make sure you outsource to a professional. I can’t be clearer on this at all. Once you start messing with SEO, you can have a grave impact on your website rankings if you don’t know what you are doing. So, use an ecommerce agency with SEO experience who will be able to tweak your site the right way. One little mistake in your SEO will cost you sales, rankings, and it can be expensive to fix. If you are unsure – outsource.

Product descriptions

Now let’s get into the finer details of using SEO to boost your 2016-ecommerceseoecommerce offering. I know how easy it is just to throw up every product you sell and only include the manufacturer’s description. It’s quick, simple, and all too easy. The problem is, it just won’t sell to anyone other than a hardcore fanatic. Write your own descriptions, outlining the benefits of each product, and do it for every last thing you sell. Not only do your customers prefer it, but Google loves it, too. It will boost your sales, as well as your rankings. Don’t take the easy, lazy option – or you will lose an opportunity.

Invite product reviews

You only have to take a look at Amazon to see how powerful user reviews can be. And, there is one key benefit when it comes to SEO. Google loves content that is individual, in-depth, and interesting. And, when you have people leaving reviews, it’s exactly what you will get. And, people tend to be willing to do this for absolutely nothing.

Optimise for mobile

Make sure your website works on mobile and tablet as well as desktop. More than half of all searches are done by mobile device these days – you will be missing out if you fail to engage the smartphone and tablet markets. Now, the vast majority of online purchases are still made via desktop or laptop – but things are changing. And, once everyone starts buying on mobile, you will be there to take advantage.

Take better pictures

Make sure you are taking beautiful pictures of your products – and tagging them properly. The search engines love them, and many people run image searches for products these days. You will miss out on a lot of business if you are just using the standard stock photos that everyone else uses. Using your own quality shots will help you stand out – to the search engines, as well as people.

OK, that’s all we have time for right now. Let me know if you have any more tips on SEO for ecommerce!

Staff Writer; Bobby Moore

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