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Why African Americans Should Vote for Trump.

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( For the last 40 year’s government policies aimed at African Americans have helped create crumbling, crime ridden, drug invested, urban communities with little to no real job or educational opportunities. Low income rural areas have been forgotten. If African Americans think the solution is to vote as usual for a Democrat while expecting a different outcome, more power to you and good luck.

If you think a rich white senior citizen or an even older, white, career politician, both of which have guided government policies relating to African Americans for over 40 years, is the right choice, stop reading this now and accept your lot in life. It will not change.

Promises will be made and broken. African American leaders will continue to complain about the crumbling hopeless urban centers and forgotten rural communities while accepting no responsibility for2016-donald-trump-black-pastors-2 encouraging your communities to vote for the very same politicians
that have done nothing for 40 years.

Let’s look at Trump, an imperfect candidate for sure but one with a significantly different approach. Much of the intercity crime is driven by the drug trade and Hispanic Illegal Immigrant Gang Members that infest these urban centers. These gangs declare war on the African American communities to win more turf. Trump says close the boarders and stop the drugs. Hillary and Bernie say keep the boarders open and change nothing. Your choice, but don’t complain when nothing changes.

Trump says our trade policies have killed our jobs, the very jobs that many African American workers need to achieve and maintain a middle class life style. Bernie and Hillary never mentioned our job killing trade deals until Trump did and you can be sure they will continue to vote for trade policies that kill jobs in your communities.

In terms of education, Trump wants more charter schools so African Americans can pull themselves out of their broken schools and get a better education. Hillary and Bernie are owned by the school unions and it will mean more failing schools, not fewer.

Yes, Trump is an unknown, slightly unstable, ego manic. But he may very well change things. Hillary and Bernie are promising more of the same for your communities
and most African Americans are likely to vote to maintain the status quo. If you do, please stop complaining, you got what you voted for.

Maybe I am just another white guy (from the Bronx) that doesn’t get it.

Staff Writer; Richard Lawless


One Response to “Why African Americans Should Vote for Trump.”
  1. duh says:

    Yeah, you definitely don’t get it.

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