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Wisdom About Your Wisdom Teeth.

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( Wisdom teeth are the final set of molars that come into your mouth. Unlike other teeth, they don’t usually appear until the late teens or even early twenties. Many people’s wisdom teeth come in easily. Their mouth and gums allow for the teeth to erupt without causing pain and discomfort. However, for some people, it isn’t as simple. Sometimes wisdom teeth don’t come in properly, and they might need to be removed. One of the problems that might occur is misaligned teeth. Read this guide to find out more about your wisdom teeth and having them removed.

Your Wisdom Teeth

Depending on your age, your wisdom teeth may or may not have come in. It’s possible that you have them, and they aren’t causing you any problems. In that case, they are a useful addition to your teeth. However, they could also be causing you problems. If you’re unsure, you can speak to your local dental office. They can tell you about the positioning of your wisdom teeth if they have come in. An X-ray can help to identify the position of your wisdom teeth so your dentist can keep watch over them. Your teeth could be impacted, meaning they only come through partially. This can cause problems that are important to be aware of.

Problems Caused By Wisdom Teeth

There are a number of issues that could be caused by your wisdom teeth. If they are misaligned, they could cause damage to various areas of your mouth and jaw. For example, they might have an effect on your other teeth, your jaw or the nerves in your gums. Impacted teeth can mean that bacteria gathers and results in an infection. If you experience pain and discomfort in your gums or jaw, it could be due to impacted wisdom teeth. If your wisdom teeth don’t fully erupt, it can also make you more susceptible to tooth decay and gum disease.

Getting Wisdom Teeth Removed

Many people have their wisdom teeth removed. This often occurs when they are teenagers or young adults, but it could be later. Wisdom teeth removal involves going to an oral surgeon. For example, Harbor View Oral and Facial Surgery offers the treatment, along with many others. The idea of having your wisdom teeth extracted might seem frightening. It’s especially daunting if you have ever seen someone else have theirs removed. However, the procedure isn’t complicated, and you can go home almost straight away. The surgeon will use an anesthetic and possibly a sedative to keep you calm too.

Recovering from Wisdom Tooth Removal

Recovering from having your wisdom teeth removed can be painful. It can cause bleeding and make your face swell, but you can use pain relievers. You might have antibiotics to take, which your dentist could provide to treat an infection. Until the anesthesia is no longer working, you should stick to a liquid diet.

Getting your wisdom teeth removed isn’t a pleasant experience, but it can correct a number of problems for you. A visit to your dentist will help you determine if it’s necessary.

Staff Writer; Charles Hall

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