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3 Ways To Improve The Appeal Of Your Product.

( How you present your product can make a big difference to how customers perceive it. Customers only have a limited amount of information. And they want to be able to make decisions about products quickly and easily. But often many people in business underestimate the importance of presentation. They know that their product is high quality. But they make the mistake of believing that the customer knows that too. This creates a basic mismatch between the perceptions of consumers and entrepreneurs. And it can mean that many businesses miss out on sales that they could have had.

So how do you improve the appeal of your product?

Use Good Photos

It’s become a common internet meme to compare the phoproduct-2015tos of fast food in advertising, and photos of the food itself. The advertised photos look bright and plump. Burgers are tall, and all the layers of beef, cheese, lettuce and sauce are visible. But the real burger that you actually get to eat is, more often than not, slumped in the box like an old beggar on the street. Yet, despite the obvious truth, people still buy the burgers. It’s a testament to the power of presentation.

Taking good photos to represent products is essential in the world of business. You want to entice customers and convince them that your product is highly desirable. It’s about being both honest and effective. Make sure your photos are at a high resolution if you’re selling online. And if you’re not, make sure that your product is shot in the best light.


Right now we’re at the start of a trend toward ever greater product customization. The old world, where prices were reduced by mass producing the same item over and over again is on the way out. Slowly, but surely, it will be replaced by a world in which customers choose, or even create, designs. And then they are either manufactured bespoke, or printed out in their homes.

But right now businesses can get ahead of the curve. There are already well-established outfits who can produce a range of custom PVC finishing products. These finishes have a multitude of possible applications and can be used to complete everything from aerospace products to medical appliances.

Write Detailed Descriptions

Before customers part with their money, they want to know about your product. In other words, they want to educate themselves about the value that you offer. It’s no surprise, therefore, that page after page is dedicated to smartphone descriptions. There are a lot of ways in which they add value. And that’s why they’ve taken over the world since Apple introduced the iPhone back in 2008.

Descriptions, therefore, should include all the major ways in which your product makes life better. Don’t just include a list of features. Lead the customer by making it clear how each feature could be applied to their own personal life. Web designers, for instance, emphasise the fact that businesses save time when they get somebody else to design their site.

Staff Writer; Steve Love

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