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Fire Protection And Your Business.

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( Fires, and fire safety, are always a hot topic in the business world. One small mistake, one neglected electric cable, and everything that company has built up can be lost. It’s important to safeguard our companies and our employees from this dangerous occurrence, but how?

Given that there are hundreds of fire-related deaths at work every year, a lot of people are asking that question. The following post will help you and your business shield itself from fire damage and the ramifications of neglect. From tank water storage to working fire alarms, there are plenty of things you can do to help.

Evacuation procedures

Sometimes, you can’t beat a fire, and you just have to get everyone out safely. This in mind, you should implement a thorough fire evacuation procedure. Make sure everyone knows their exits; when you hire a new employee, make this a priority. Whether you’re opening a store or a factory, whatever the size of your business, keep exits clear and visible. Consider using floor and wall markings to direct people properly.

Water storage

Water beats fire, and you may need a lot of it. It’s far better to be safe than sorry, after all. Water storage solutions such as fire protection bolted tanks can keep a lot of water in one location. This way, you’ll always be ready for a fight against the elements, and you’ll have fluid to spare.


By law, your building should have a number of working, effective fire extinguishers on site. Again, your staff should be familiar with these locations and how to use them. Consider having a fire safety audit done to ensure that your extinguishers work properly. Even if you don’t have a large premises, you still need to make sure there are extinguishers available – you may wish to take a look at this website for small fire extinguishers and get some if you don’t have any already. Your staff safety should always come first.

Water hoses

While less and less businesses are investing in these, hoses are just as viable a fire protection system as any. One limitation of hoses is that they’re restricted to one particular area. Unlike water tanks, which you can take water from and move it, the hose is rooted to the spot. Still, I’d consider installing them in places with the highest risk of fires, such as a kitchen area.

Fire alarms

You should test your fire alarms weekly, and make sure they can be heard in every area of the building. If any of them don’t work, make it a priority to get it fixed! As the business owner, it’s your responsibility. Consider installing carbon monoxide alarms too, for good measure.

Flammable liquids

Any and all flammable liquids should be marked as such, and should be disposed of safely. Furthermore, any flammable items should be stored safely, too. You can learn more about aerosol storage cases and other flammable item storage via the Storemasta website. Flammable liquids can catch on fire from the tiniest of sparks, so it’s important that they are got rid of if not needed. Flammable liquids are disposed of by professional disposal companies, so have a call to your local government office and see who can do the job.

In short, use your common sense, and implement all the fire safety procedures you’d expect. You’ll need plenty of water, plenty of fire alarms, and a solid evacuation procedure. Make sure all your staff are well-versed in these, and most importantly; stay safe in the workplace.

Staff Writer; Steve Hall

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