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7 Things You Can Do To Fight Cancer And Win.

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( No one wants to hear the words ‘you have cancer’, but studies show that almost forty percent of men and women will at some point in their lives. The truth is that you may well be one of the unfortunate forty percent. The good news is that it isn’t a death sentence. More than half of the people diagnosed win the battle over a ten year period. It is possible to beat the diagnosis as long as you make the right decisions. So, what can you do to fight the battle and win the war? In all honesty, there are several tools at your disposal. Not all of them will suit your needs because it depends on your situation. But, you can still take a look and pick the methods that work the best. According to one Observer, the studies lean more to women being diagnosed with cancer than men.

Here are seven things you can do to fight cancer and win.

#1: Go For Regular Checkups

Out of the fifty percent of survivors, the majority of them survive because of an early diagnosis. Cancer is a major illness, but it is treatable if you catch it before it spreads. That is why it is important to go for regular checkups and see the doctor if you think something is wrong. It might be that there is nothing wrong you with, and you are part of the sixty percent that doesn’t get cancer. But, you will never know until you book an appointment with your doctor. You don’t have to go every week because that is a very short space of time. Once every couple of months, though, is a good idea. Don’t leave it too late because that is when the problems occur.

#2: Gene Therapy

Cancer is a disease that may occur due to your genes. That is to say that you might be predisposed to the condition due to genes in your body. Thankfully, there are gene therapy programs that increase the chance of coming out the other side unharmed. Gene therapy applications can’t cure you, but they can help you fight the condition. To find out more, head to It is worth noting that there are a few downsides. The therapy isn’t one-hundred percent accurate, for example. However, the money and risk are worth it if you want to give yourself a better chance of surviving.

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#3: Change Your Diet

Although it sounds far-fetched, your body can heal itself if you provide it with the right tools. In fact, your body is that efficient that it can even heal or prevent the occurrence of cancer. The trick is to change your diet to provide it with all the necessary nutrients and vitamins. These foods are superfoods, and they are essential in your battle. White fish is a great example of a superfood because it contains omega-3 fatty acids. The fatty acids are full of antioxidants that help repair cells and restore them to their normal state. Many products from Gold Bee include these acids, alongside products like organic honey that is great for the immune system due to its fiber content.  Studies also show that cancer occurs more often when certain foods are present in a person’s diet. Sugar, for example, seems to be a food group that makes cancer more prevalent. With that in mind, try and eat more alkaline foods. Not only do they cut out sugar, but they mainly consist of fruit and vegetables. Another thing to consider is the type of pain relief you are consuming. For example, you could add some flavoured CBD edibles into your diet to help keep you calm and help with any pain you might be experiencing. There are many articles online about this, such as those on Observer, that can better explain the different types of gummies you can add into your diet.

#4: Exercise Regularly

A lack of exercise means a lack of nutrients to your cells, which causes them to become cancerous. The cells suffer from a lack of nutrients and oxygen due to your poor circulation. Exercise is a good tool to help fight this because it makes your body carry oxygen to your cells. You can’t exercise without oxygen or else your body wouldn’t be able to function. A simple workout regime, therefore, can cut the risk of cancer by a huge amount. All you have to do is stop sitting in front of the couch and go to the gym more often. If you do that, you may well be one of the lucky sixty percent. For more exercise tips, take a look at

#5: Chemotherapy

Once you have the disease, you have to take drastic measures to try and stop it from growing. Unfortunately, the best diet in the world won’t have too much of an effect on aggressive skin cancer or breast cancer. There are only two options once you have the diagnosis, and one of them is chemotherapy. In simple terms, chemotherapy is a small dose of radiation aimed at the cancerous areas of your body. The power of the radiation should help stop the growth and kill off the cancer altogether. There are side-effects, and this type of treatment isn’t a picnic. However, it is one of the most effective ways to battle any form of aggressive cancer.

#6: Surgery

The other option is to have surgery. Most people would prefer surgery because it is easier for the doctors to control the situation. In theory, they can cut out cancer there and then and stop it at the source. However, some diagnoses don’t allow you to have surgery because cancer may be too far along. The people that can use this option are the ones that catch it early on in the cycle. What you need to do is talk to your doctor and then talk about your options. It could be that you do qualify for surgery, in which case you should seriously consider it as your next step.

#7: Keep Fighting

Just because the cancer is no longer an issue at the present minute doesn’t mean that you are in the clear. Lots of people have the condition recur within the space of five to ten years, so you have to keep fighting. If you don’t, your initial effort won’t be worth much in the years to come. Once you do get the all clear, try and stay as healthy as possible. Then, you shouldn’t have to go through the ordeal multiple times.

There is no doubt that it is an uphill battle to beat the disease. But, cancer is beatable, and you should never doubt that fact.

Staff Writer; Paul Peete

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