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Donald Trump and his supporters aren’t to blame for violence.

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(Akiit.com) Supporters of Donald Trump are being heckled and attacked daily by liberals, particularly supporters of Democratic presidential hopeful Bernie Sanders.

And the liberal media blames the presumptive Republican nominee for attacks on his own supporters. It defies common sense and logic, yet the liberal media persists in perpetuating this lie.

Protesters hawk Donald Trump rallies like maggots to rotting flesh, throwing eggs at his supporters, fighting with them, burning their hats and blocking their cars from leaving.

A recent Politico story was like so many others, blaming the protests on “Trump’s extreme rhetoric.”

Many conservatives find Democratic presidential frontrunner Hillary Clinton’s disdain for the second amendment extremely offensive. We also find Sanders’ desire to turn America into a socialist state extreme rhetoric.123-2016-DonaldTrump

But conservatives aren’t trying to torch either candidate’s rallies. Trump has better things to do, like focus on winning the general election.

From the very start, Donald Trump has run an unorthodox campaign and critics — even those within his party — treat his success with disdain. Many of the attacks on his supporters are occurring in so-called liberal blue states like California, where a Republican hasn’t won since 1988 when George Bush was elected president.

First, Sanders’ supporters shut down a Trump rally in Chicago in March by instigating fights and blockading supporters in parking garages. Trump cancelled the event to avoid more violence.

Last week, the scene outside a Trump event in San Jose, Calif., turned ugly and bloody. A woman was pelted with eggs and bottles. Another man was left with blood pouring from his ear after being attacked by protesters.

There has been little to no outrage by the liberal media over innocent people being attacked. In fact, there has been support for the protesters’ violence.

The scene in San Jose last Thursday looked like something ripped from the 1960s riots in Los Angeles. About 400 protesters surrounded the convention centre for the sole purpose of antagonizing and attacking Trump supporters.

“There was a little more than 250 police officers, many in riot gear, in and around the convention centre, including from neighbouring cities,” noted the San Jose Mercury News.

It wasn’t Donald Trump supporters burning the American flag, hurling profanity and spitting in people’s faces.

“The most violent act captured by pool shows a Trump supporter walking alone and surrounded by protesters. He is sucker-punched by a man in a black T-shirt and goes to the ground. Then two people riding motorcycles approach the man and kick him as he struggles to get up,” wrote the Mercury News.

It’s no wonder that support for Donald Trump continues to grow.

The real hypocrisy is we all know that if the roles were reversed, and Donald Trump supporters were behaving like thugs trying to shut down Hillary and Bernie events, they would be called racists.

And the media would be giving the violence wall-to-wall coverage. What will it take — someone being killed — for liberals to condemn this violence? When will the media demand that Hillary and Bernie declare an end to the attacks on Trump supporters?

After all, this is still America, isn’t it? A country where we hold free and fair elections.

Columnist; Crystal Wright

Official website; http://www.conservativeblackchick.com

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