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Blacks vs. “Bad” Cops: ‘Alinsky’ Obama’s doing.

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( I had occasion to listen to a little talk radio yesterday, a couple of prominent hosts’ take on Barack Hussein Obama’s oratory at the memorial for the police officers slain in Dallas last week. Host Mark Levin was positively livid at how Obama insisted on purveying the “science is settled” argument regarding America being an institutionally racist nation in light of the venue, and how vile and despicable this opportunism was. Of course, I couldn’t have agreed more. Sean Hannity blamed Obama for stoking the fires of racial tension with his tendency to “rush to judgment” (his words) concerning instances of conflict between blacks and police.

While President Obama has indeed stoked the fires of racism, rest assured that there have been no rushes to judgment involved whatsoever.

I’m not going to suggest that some months ago, President Obama got on his infamous phone and told a minion to cultivate a cell of riled-up black activists, get them armed and insert them into the protest that would be ready to go on the next occasion that the police shooting of a black individual found its way into the national news cycle.

But for all practical purposes, it might as well have gone down in precisely that fashion.obama-policeandcops

Apropos the high-profile police shootings of black men in recent weeks: There may have been elements of criminality on the part of the cops involved in at least one of these instances, but as we’ve learned, innocence or guilt on the part of law enforcement officers in these cases hardly matters in the current political climate.

It’s undeniable that there is a direct correlation relative to Obama and the increase in tensions between blacks and law enforcement. In every instance during his presidency where a high-profile story of conflict between police and a black American captured the headlines, Obama’s response served to deepen blacks’ resentment not only at the police, but at the big, bad boogeyman of institutional racism, which by his accounts is as pervasive as it was in 1930.

But President Obama didn’t say the things he’s said because he’s a buffoon. He said them expressly to deepen blacks’ resentment at the police and whites in general. There are two reasons for this. One has to do with the juvenile sense of retribution political radicals such as Obama feel; they believe that whites must collectively suffer in one form or another for the sins of their fathers.

The other has to do with the tactical objectives of international socialist power players inside and outside of Washington. In America, the strategies involved in grooming America for inclusion into the statist global leviathan over which they will ruthlessly rule with cartoony glee are partly rooted in the writings of iconic communist Saul Alinsky. This odious puke wrote a book called “Rules for Radicals,” which is a holy tome to people like Obama, Hillary Clinton and other notable “progressives.”

Ironically, Alinsky’s second “rule” essentially declares that there are no rules:

“The second rule of the ethics of means and ends is that the judgment of the ethics of means is dependent upon the political position of those sitting in judgment.”

– Saul Alinsky, “Rules for Radicals”

Alinsky then goes on to cite the brutal acts carried out by those in the European anti-Nazi underground during World War II as blanket justification for assassinations, terrorism, destruction of property, bombings, kidnappings and the sacrifice of innocents in their pursuit of socialist goals in America.

Of course, in meeting with the Black Lives Matter group in the face of anti-police violence, Bathhouse Barry was attempting to legitimize this racist organization that has repeatedly advocated for the murder of police officers. In the meantime, he postures before the cameras, offering even more inflammatory rhetoric – whilst pushing for nationalization of police departments and more dilution of law-abiding citizens’ Second Amendment protections.

In my book Negrophilia: From Slave Block to Pedestal – America’s Racial Obsession,” I pointed out that in the cases of police contacting black individuals with which I am personally familiar – and there are many – almost invariably, the latter responded with a marked belligerence to the initial contact. This is because of the paranoia and resentment that has been effectively inculcated into blacks culturally via education, activism, media, and the press.

Naturally, police officers sometimes react to this with a deportment of over-caution and a degree of fear.

As we are also seeing occur with international socialist leaders in Europe who are allowing the influx of hostile foreign Muslims into their nations, the Obama cabal has been gradually destabilizing American society by fostering enmity between blacks and law enforcement, as well as through the importation of our own crop of hostile Muslims and parasitic émigrés from south of the border.

Why have international socialist leaders set upon this course? Two reasons: political power – the emerging international socialist state – and ideology. In their Marxist racialism, they believe that the culturally bankrupt around the world should have their chance at abusing the evil Westerners (read whites) who exploited them and societies that are essentially troupes of monkeys as compared with those in the West ought to have nuclear weapons just because Western nations do.

Once the domestic unrest our leaders have generated escalates and gives rise to sufficient fear on the part of Americans, their expectation is that we will cry for security – much as we cried for health-care reform after the same socialists drove up the cost of health care over the course of a few decades. Many will actually welcome the draconian measures government will employ – with great reluctance, of course – in order to ensure that “security.”

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