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Dallas, TX: Why It Happened And Why It May Happen Again.

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( So many of us are asking how did it get to this point? How does a person hate another group so much that they just want to kill anyone who looks like the group that they hate? Well that was the case for Micah Johnson but why? Well I will attempt to show why I think this happened and can happen again.

It would be easy to say it all started from slavery! That it all comes from poverty! That it comes from poor education! That it comes from gun laws! While all these things may factor in I feel as though it all started from one case the Trayvon Martin case. I can re2016-DallasShootingmember watching the O.J. Simpson case and the reactions after the verdict. White people were so angry he got off while Black people celebrated. I recall asking my mother why people are acting this way and her saying to me “when you become adult you will understand.” We finally won for once and just remember there is not much justice in this legal system for Black people.

As a adult I remember watching the Trayvon Martin case thinking it’s no way Zimmerman will walk all the evidence says he is guilty!! This is how I presume most people felt in the O.J. case. Just like the O.J. case when the verdict came down you had two sides, one happy and cheering the other devastated by the jury’s decision. But, unlike the White people who were mad about O.J. getting off Black America started to remember all the hangings all the killings that had happened in the past from White people who were never charged or if charged found not guilty. We started to look at the legal system that over charges us, that locks us up like animals even right now. How even with a Black President we are still being treated as less then.

Then we thought about: Sandra Bland: NO CONVICTION…Sean Bell: NO CONVICTION…Eric Garner: NO CONVICTION…Rakia Boyd: NO CONVICTION…Mike Brown: NO CONVICTION..Tamir Rice: NO CONVICTION…Freddie Gray: NO CONVICTION and the list goes on and on. Please don’t get me wrong the cops getting murdered while still protecting the people hurt me to heart. I’m just trying to show how all this happened in a 5 year span or less.

So why did Dallas happen? I don’t know for sure but when you have a country that has made a habit of killing us, and locking us up, eventually somebody is going to say enough. What Micah Johnson did was wrong it was horrific but, at the time Nat Turner did his revolt he felt like enough maybe that’s how Micah Johnson felt I’m not sure but, what I am sure of is that if something does not change and quick we may see this terrible event again one day soon.

Columnist; Warren Ballentine

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