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Dear President Barack Obama.

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( As I write this letter I can not help but think of 2008 when this country was so full of hope as we watched you, a young African American, talk about unity and love. Many of us dreamt of the words you said just 4 years earlier. “This is not a red America, this is not a blue America, and this is one America.” It was in that moment in 2004 I said I will do whatever I could to help you be President if you ever decided to run.

I remember as my radio career started all the violence in 2006 in our city, Chicago and us at WGCI stopping the music to have you and others on who really cared about the killings of young Black men talk about changing the hearts and minds of men. I thought to 2016-Obama-sadmyself, man this guy gets it he really does. Once you announced you were running in 2008 I was the first nationally syndicated radio host to say he’s my man and he will be President!! I was laughed at by Lou Dobbs on his show for saying it. I was threatened by my audience for picking you and not Hilary. I watched as certain civil rights leaders never endorsed you in 2008.  But, in the end I was right you would be President.

I have watched you take on issues no other President has ever had to tackle and I must say that I love how you have handled the good and the bad with dignity and empathy in all that you have seen. You have done so much for women, the LGBT community, Veterans, and list of other things including keep America safe as possible. But, I have to ask you one question do you think you could have done more for the poor?

Mr. President in light of all the killings of poor people and in light of all the cops being now targeted might I suggest the following to at least help for this nation’s future:

1.      Have police work where they live. This helps because just as the resource cop in a school will know every kid in that school it will be very helpful if the cops and the community knew one another. This helps take away the distrust and the fear on both sides.

2.      Make it where non-violent felons are allowed to clear their record after they have paid their debt. This allows economic growth for many poor families and will also allow states to make money by charging a $1000 fee to remove the said felony. Now if a 19 year old makes a mistake it will not haunt him forever and if he is allowed to get a good job that will create more taxes in that community thus helping education and job creation.

3.      Lastly ask for bullets in these semi automatic guns be $100 a bullet and the guns be fingerprint operational if the iphone can do I know we can do it with guns.

I end this with a thank you for trying, for listening, for inspiring all of us to believe. I believe in you just as I did in 2004 and in 2008 I beg you not to forget us before you leave office.

Columnist; Warren Ballentine

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