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When It Comes To Hillary Clinton Character Doesn’t Matter.

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( There was a time that character mattered; but apparently if you are Hillary Clinton, being a liar, an avowed corruptor of justice, with a lifelong career of undermining the rule of law you are viewed as presidential material.

There is no acceptable or remotely justifiable reason for Hillary Clinton not being under indictment, if not either serving time or facing sentencing. Her flagrant disregard for law pre-dates her escaping legal ramifications for her involvement in the Rose Law Firm billing scandal; which the Daily Signal called “A bellwether for modern-day document destruction.” (See:

As Jennifer Kerns pointed out in the aforementioned article, Hillary Clinton has the distinction of being the first so-called First Lady to be forced to testify in front of a grand jury and subsequently to “the subject of accusations of suspicious activity concerning missing subpoenaed records” she had worked on during the 1980s. Investigation into her criminal activity resulted with Vince Foster being found dead in Fort Marcy Park, Virginia from what was Hillary Clintonsuspiciously ruled death due to suicide. How Foster was able to commit suicide by shooting a .45 caliber bullet into himself from a 9mm pistol remains an unanswered question. At least he didn’t commit suicide with his hands tied behind his back. But I digress.

There are only so many times uncontested illegal criminal activity, corrupt activity, and behavior that jeopardizes national security, all by one person, can be called lies. People are not getting out of bed in the morning trying to dream up what lies they can make up about Hillary Clinton. There is no vast right-wing conspiracy, but there is a vast left-wing circuitous trail of history that definitively shows her flagrant disregard for law and respect for the positions she has been able to assume thanks to her serial rapist husband.

From the Rose Law Firm, to the White House Travel Office scandal to her super-secretive committee on HIllarycare to her lies about Benghazi to her lies about handling top secret documents and email accounts – to the continued questions surrounding the untimely death of Vince Foster, at some point people have to reach the conclusion that where there’s smoke there is fire.

No one person in the history of the federal government has had a career that spanned from criminal accusation to criminal accusation. Not all of those accusations can be lies and it is illogical to believe otherwise.

She mimics and makes a mockery of the sensibilities of blacks by taking on a feigned black accent reminiscent of Freeman Gosden and Charles Correll, of Amos and Andy fame sans the black face paint of Al Jolson. Yet blacks turn out in support of her. She insults them with stories of hot sauce in her purse and her love for fried chicken, and those people who call verbiage referencing a “master suite” bedroom and a sign advertising “black olives” on pizza “racist” loudly cheer her.

So-called women’s advocacy groups support her despite the unimpeachable fact that she has enabled her lecherous husband to rape, sexually molest, and assault women with impunity. No elected official has been able to withstand the unimpeachable lubricious behavior that she and her husband have withstood.

I’m not making up idle facts nor am I just attacking her because I have nothing better to do. The left and her sycophant media supporters can protect her, going even so far as having the MSNBC calling Republican National Convention speaker, Mrs. Patricia Smith, mother of murdered American in Benghazi a liar. This, when Mrs. Smith told the world how Hillary Clinton had lied to her face about her son Sean Smith’s murder. And before Hillary appearing in from of the Congressional Committee tasked with finding the truth of Benghazi, where she argued, what does it matter.

That voters would want such a reprobate a person in office is inconceivable to me. To promote such a pronounced and pernicious liar as Hillary defies logic. Does Hillary truly mirror the depravity of her supporters – is that why they are so rabid in defense of her? Or is it that they are simply Satan’s minions supporting another member of the family of Lucifer?

Columnist; Mychal Massie

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