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Why Doesn’t Your Food Taste As Good As It Should?

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( Whether you’re new to cooking or you’ve been doing it a while and want to get better at it, you want your dishes to be as delicious as possible. But do you wonder why your dishes don’t taste as good as they should? Wish they’d taste like dishes in a restaurant? Of course you might not want to use the same kind of ingredients – many of these dishes contain a ton of salt and fat, which is sometimes the reason they are so heart attack inducingly delicious. Fear not though, this post is going to give you some pointers.

You Don’t Use Everything Fresh

If you don’t use everything fresh, then your food may not taste as nice as it should taste. Of course there are exceptions in some cases, but using majority fresh ingredients will make the world of difference. Nobody wants to feel like they’re eating microwaved food. Using fresh vegetables will enhance flavour and color, blackcouple-cookingespecially using fresh herbs and spices.

You’re Not Seasoning It Properly

Seasoning your food is a must. People think that you can only do this with salt and pepper, but this is false! Why not try seasoning lean meats with sugar? It works a treat if you brown it off properly, and you’ll be amazed at the difference it can make to your dishes.

You’re Not Using Enough/Complimentary Herbs and Spices

Are you using enough herbs and spices in your dishes, or are you afraid? At the same time, you need to be sure that you’re using herbs and spices that compliment one another. There are certain times you should bear in mind with herbs and spices too. Hard herbs such as thyme should be added at the start of cooking, as this gives them enough time to soften and release all of the flavor. Soft herbs like parsley should be added at the end, to keep their green appearance and delicate flavor in the dish.

You’re Not Experimenting With Different Methods of Cooking

Different methods of cooking will make the world of difference to your dishes. Looking for the best electric smoker and using that to cook your dishes will add a wonderful taste to just about anything you choose to cook. Frying, baking, and grilling all produce different tastes too.

You’re Not Using The Fond

Do you even know what the fond is? The fond can be one of the most delicious parts of a dish, yet so many people don’t bother to use it. It’s the hardened bits in the pan, the bits you’ll find after cooking a nice piece of meat. You can use wine, broth, or even a bit of water to soften these and then add them to soups, stews, and other dishes. They can really enhance the flavour and take your dish from nice to spectacular.

Now you know why your food may not taste as good as it should. Try a few of these methods and you’ll be amazed at what they can do to your dishes!

Staff Writer; L.P. Rogers


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