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Want More Online Customers? Follow These Tips!

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( Moving your business online is a must in today’s world. But, how can you generate a consistent stream of online customers? Follow the tips below if you want to know the secrets to gaining customers:

QR Codes

If you want an innovative way to gain customers, then look no further than QR codes. Even if you don’t know what these are, I’m sure you’ve seen them before. Companies have them on adverts all the time, and business cards, etc. They look like small square barcodes, and can be scanned by smartphones. The idea is that someone scans the QR code, and gets taken to a web address. You can use this concept to gain more online customers in an instant. Firstly, create print adverts and custom business cards. Then, ensure you get a QR code that links to your website.

There are websites like that generate these codes for you. Then, it’s just a question of making sure these codes are seen by as many people as possible. Get your adverts iblackman-laptop-2016n papers/magazines and pin them up all over town. Hand out your business cards to people on the street or at events. When people see the QR code, they’ll scan it, and be taken to your site. Hey, presto, more web traffic, more online customers!

Pay-Per-Click (PPC)

PPC is one of the best ways to gain online customers for your business. Search engines are still the top way that people find websites online. Consequently, you need to ensure your site is given as much search engine coverage as possible. PPC advertising is a great way to do this and ensures your site is one of the first that people see. You pay for certain keywords and get your website right at the top of the results. Have you ever searched for something and noticed there are ‘sponsored’ results right at the top? All those websites are there because they use PPC. This is where your site will be if you make the right PPC investments. As you can see here, there are companies that deal with this. They can help sort out your PPC campaign and ensure you spend your money wisely. Of course, if you’re a seasoned search engine marketing pro, you may be able to do things yourself. PPC will drive more traffic to your site, increasing the potential for new customers.


Many business people get caught out when trying to gain online customers. They try and look at all the new and inventive ways of doing things. And, while these new ways are highly effective, old ones are just as good. Email is a till a power player in the marketing games. By setting up mailing lists, you can see a surge in customers. Many people claim that mailing lists get you the best return on investment in online marketing.

Follow these tips if you want to see more online customers for your business. After reading this, perhaps you’re keen for more startup advice. In which case, have a read of this article here It will teach you about some of the things that will ruin your business.

Staff Writer; Ben Payne

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