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Which Sports Are Best For Getting Into Shape?

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(Akiit.comWe all know how hugely beneficial sports can be for getting into shape. The great thing about sports is that they offer an excuse to carry out some decent exercise. Often, you don’t even realise that you are giving your body a good workout. If you are someone who is keen to look after themselves, then taking up the right sport might be the way to go. Doing so is a useful way of incorporating healthy exercise into your daily life. And anyone can see how that is no bad thing. In this article, we will take you through some of the best sports for that purpose. If you want to get into shape, but you aren’t so keen on the gym, then this might be of some help to you. Let’s take a look at what the best sports for exercise might be.


If you have ever used a rowing machine at the gym, then you will understand this first one immediately. Rowing is a fantastic form of exercise which helps to keep pretty much all of your muscles in good shape. This is a particularly popular form of sporty exercise for men. The main reason for this being that you can easily get built in no time at all. If you are interested in that, then consider getting into rowing today. If you are wondering how to do that, the first step is probably to see whether there are any rowing teams in your local area. Of course, this will depend greatly on where you live – and whether there are any significant bodies of water nearby. If there BLACKMAN-ROWING-2017are, however, then joining that team could make a huge difference to your physique. If you look at people who row every week, you will see that they are some of the fittest men around. You could do much worse than getting into rowing in a big way.



It seems pretty obvious that if you want to be a little more built, fighting is a good way to go. Of course, there are many different kinds, and not all are for everyone. Pretty much anyone, however, can get some enjoyment – and some benefits – out of wrestling. The great thing about wrestling is that, unlike boxing, you are unlikely to get hurt in a big way. Sure, you will be fighting with other people, but not to quite the same degree. Yet, the way in which the sport is played means that you will probably develop some serious muscles pretty quickly. What’s more, it is likely that you will sweat off a fair few calories too. This is a sport which you don’t want to get into unless you are really keen on that kind of thing. However, having said that, most people could enjoy it once or twice. With wrestling, you have a sport which does many things for you all at once.


So far, we have looked at a couple of sports which you would traditionally associate with getting fitter. However, there are others which you might not think that of, yet are worth mentioning here. Baseball is a great example of a sport which is subtly very powerful for getting into shape. The reasons for this are diverse. The main thing that baseball does for you is that it enables you to carry out some pretty extensive cardiovascular exercise. This is especially the case when you are batting. As batter, you have to do a lot of stopping and starting. While it can be exhausting, this is exactly why it is also so beneficial. It is this stopping and starting that gives the heart the kind of workout it really needs. And if you are defending on the field, then chances are you will be doing a lot of running as well. If you are keen to get into baseball, then you should look into your local team – there is bound to be one. However, even if there isn’t, this is the kind of sport you can start yourself at home. Alternatively, you could set it up in your local park with a few friends. This is one sport which relies particularly heavily on having the right equipment, so make sure you source that early on. Have a look at sites such as for baseball equipment. Once you have everything you need, you will find that baseball can be incredibly fun and great for keeping you in shape.


This next sport is one which is particularly popular amongst those who want a better-looking physique. Swimming has the distinct advantage of working on every major muscle group simultaneously. It is for this reason that swimmers are famous for having such great bodies. If you want to look good naked, then this is probably the best sport to go for. Regardless of the physique that you are starting out with, swimming regularly can do wonders for you. This is true even if you only go swimming once or twice a week. Even that small amount can soon work wonders for you physically. When you do go swimming, ensure that you do so in lots of short bursts. For whatever reason, this is the type of swimming which tends to be most effective in building up your physique. A lot of people are embarrassed with this one at first. It might be a good idea to just start at a local swimming pool, and then advance when you feel a little more comfortable. Take a look at for some advice on getting into swimming,


Surfing is not just for Californians, no matter what you may have heard. Anywhere there is a beach, you are likely to find a thriving surfing community. This will be particularly true if it is a location with a decent weather system too. No matter where you go to do it, it is bound to be good for your health. Studies have shown that surfing actually improves your ability to deal with stress. For more on this, see If you think about it, this is hardly surprising. After all, with surfing you have to face many potential dangers every time you get out on the waves. This is one sport which has a particularly steep learning curve, of course. In fact, so steep is it that most people fear even trying it. However, if you get into it, you will notice some pretty serious results fairly quickly. You might even find yourself wondering why you didn’t get into it earlier. If you are keen on the idea of becoming a surfer, it is probably best to get some instruction from someone who already knows what they are doing. This will minimise your risk of anything untoward happening. But it will also mean that you will experience the physical benefits much sooner.


So far we have only really looked at quite specific types of getting into shape. If you want to build muscle, then there are numerous sports mentioned above to help you with that. Similarly, if losing weight is your game, then that can be easily achieved. But there are many different kinds of goals which you can aim for when it comes to fitness. Next up, we will be looking at what you can do if you want to just become more flexible. This is an often-overlooked, yet beneficial health goal which everyone should aim for at some point or another. Possibly the best sport for becoming more flexible is gymnastics. This is a sport which relies heavily on being flexible and developing leanness of muscles. Of course, it work both ways; the more you practice gymnastics, the more flexible you will become. A lot of men sometimes worry about getting into this kind of sport. Perhaps they regard it as somehow feminine. However, nothing could be further from the truth. If you watch the Olympics, you will see that there are plenty of male participants in the gymnastics events. If you can see past this, you will soon find that you benefit from this sport dramatically. The results from gymnastics can be much faster than from other sports.


Let’s go back to some of the more classic sporty pastimes now. The truth is, when it comes to all-round peak fitness, you still can’t say much fairer than running. No matter what kind of running you engage in, you are seriously improving your physical fitness every time. However, you can tailor what exactly you are doing if you want to achieve certain results. For example, let’s take a look at the aim of losing as much weight as possible as quickly as possible. In this instance, you would get there much faster by doing sprint running. Practising the one hundred metres is bound to help you lose a significant amount of weight in no time at all. If you are hoping for a healthier heart and lungs, however, then marathon running would be best. As always, you should be careful to make sure you are doing the right thing for your own specific goals. Otherwise, there is little point in using sport in this way at all.

Staff Writer; Peter Hall

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