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If You Got A Beach, You Don’t Need A Gym.

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(Akiit.comThe beach isn’t just for the summertime. In fact, if you’re looking for a few new ways to get fit, then it can be an all-round gym for the whole year. Gym memberships, as we all know, are rather costly. Meanwhile, beaches remain free. So here are some of the ways that your beach can fulfill all your needs when it comes to getting fit. That way, when summer comes around, you’ll have even more fun there.

On the sand

Running is one of the single best exercises you can do. It works your legs and your core, it helps you lose weight and improves cardiovascular health. If you’re not running already, you should be. If you are, then how do you think you can get more from your run? You don’t have to go hunting for inclines. Instead, take a trip to the22blackcouplebeachgym beach. Running on the beach helps you burn a lot more energy as well as building a lot more muscle. That’s because with each step you have the extra resistance of the sand to work against. If you’re a cyclist, then you won’t get as much benefit from it, but at least you get a gorgeous backdrop.

In the water

Of course, you can’t think of the beach without thinking of some of the excellent water sports available. Surfing and wakeboard are great ways to build your core and improve your balance, keeping your weight against the forces of nature. If you like the gym for the social aspect, then the water sports communities of the beach will have you covered there. You’ll have plenty of people to get fit and have fun with. Just make sure you have all the right water sports accessories when you’re heading out there. It can get particularly cold if you’re not wearing the right gear in the chilly waters of winter.

With some friends

The beach makes the perfect place to have fun with friends, particularly in the summer. Consider getting them involved in some of the best ways to burn some fat and work up a sweat as well. There are lots of beach sports that rely on teams, but one of the best ones for you, physically, is volleyball. As well as building muscle in the arms, legs, shoulders and more, it’s great for improving your hand-eye coordination. It’s also a great exercise to keep you motivated if you’re of a more competitive nature. In fact, it’s good for your social life as well. Studies have shown that getting involved in team sports develop better social and networking skills than those who don’t. All that shouting and arguing amongst your teammates must be good for something after all!

Whether you want to get wet or not, whether you want company or to go solo, the beach is a great place to get fit. Whether you want to build muscle or do so cardio, it can provide a great mix of exercises. So get your gear ready and get out to the coast.

Staff Writer; Joseph Moore

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