Saturday, May 21, 2022

Every Act of Communication Is an Act of Translation.

Tweet ( How many languages can you speak, excluding your native language? The majority of you can speak one or two, while others speak many. Even if you speak 100 languages, that’s a small percentage. They’re more than 6,000 languages existing in the world. This diversity in languages makes communication difficult for those who don’t speak […]

America First, Hire Americans, Buy American!!

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Tweet ( Buy American and hire American – those are the two rules the Trump administration will follow, says the president-elect. What’s surprising is that this isn’t government policy already. We’ve traditionally used government procurement in projects ranging from infrastructure to national defense to build the economy, promote innovation and lift the fortunes of citizens. […]

Power Move – President Obama last few days in Office.

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Tweet ( While people are being critical of President Obama as he leaves office, some of us wish he had been more like he has been in the last six weeks of his presidency during the entire eight years. He has been very active in the last month, and he has less than one month […]

The Benefits of Selling Your Home To A Cash Buyer.

Tweet ( You probably heard of stories of people who have sold their houses for cash. Or you have seen posters and online advertisements that say, “We Buy Houses For Cash in 7 Days”. Enticing isn’t it? These people are commonly known as cash home buyers, the home buyers, or real estate investors. Whatever you call […]

Startups, Beware! Everybody Wants Your IP.

December 21, 2016 by  
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Tweet ( Recently, there’s been a dramatic uptick in the number of articles covering the importance of protecting your business IP, especially in the early stages of a company. It’s not all about marketing: there’s a lot of truth in the importance of protecting a business’s intangible assets and preventing them from being appropriated by a […]

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