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Alarm Bells? Securing Your Business!

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(Akiit.comAs a business owner, you’ve got tons of responsibilities. It’s almost as if you are a parent! You’ve got your child that you want to see prosper in the form of your idea and your business. You’ve got a lot to manage from income to office supplies and paying your staff. It’s a heroic effort at times. As a business owner, your list of responsibilities is eternal and will never end. This business? It’s going to be your way of life, and it is going to generate some serious income for you if it is successful.

Would you protect that? Of course, you would. Your business is worth its weight in precious metal and other people know that. There are plenty who would look to steal from your business. There are offshore hackers who would love to see the data you have on file so they can sell it off to third party agencies – or there might be a regular old fashioned criminal who will simply kick your door down to take your MacBooks. Whether it is physical or digital, you will always be facing some kind of threat.

Your business is so important to you, and your job can be extremely stressful. Conjure up an image of the worst business day you have yet experienced. You’re getting hassled by clients left, right and center and people are moaning on social media about one of your products breaking. Everyone is a bit stressed out. That’s not good at all, is it? So, the next day – it’s all calmed down. You return to work to face a new day and find that valuable data has been stolen from your computers, what’s more – you’ve been broken into. Amid all the stress of that hectic and bad day, you’ve forgotten to scan your systems and lock the door. This is an absolute disaster and the worst-case scenario and yes – it may very well not occur to you, if you’re lucky, but preventing crime is a heck of a lot easier than adapting to a crime.

The first thing you should do is ensure your business is secured at the front door. Keep your business locked down. If your site is left wide open on the times it is vacant of employees; then this is going to be a target for criminals and sooner or later someone will try their hand at getting into the business site. This may be through solid brute force – but it’s likely that a door has been left unlocked. You can’t stop a brute force entry, but that is going to leave evidence meaning only desperate criminals will try this method. If your door is unlocked, there will be no evidence. What do you think is the biggest risk to a criminal?

Thankfully, there are also plenty more ways to secure your site. Alarm systems serve as not only a fantastic crime deterrent but as a proactive assistant in the event of a break in. Upon a break-in, the alarm system will not only sound very loudly, but it will even put a notice out to the local authorities requesting that they respond to an incident on the site. What this means for you is that the business will be protected when you are not around. There are plenty more security options you can invest in – a security guard adds a physical presence to your site or even a security guard alternative that can put eyes onto the premises to aid the alarm.

However, it’s not just on the physical plain where threats can breach your site, though. Your computers need to be secure. Your business relies on these computers and these computers? They might be seriously vulnerable. Criminals rely on the internet and the access it provides as a tool to commit very serious crime. The threat of cyber crime is dangerous and serious across the board for your business for yourself and your employees. Cyber-criminals will be after your data, and if your business is any kind of business at all, it will hold all sorts of data. Make sure you scan your computers regularly and don’t take them for granted. It is so easy to deter this threat through basic scans.

There are plenty of crimes that could occur – but there are even more ways to deter them. Don’t fall victim – secure your business as soon as today.


Staff Writer; Paul Jones

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