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What Do You Really Need To Become A Doctor?

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(Akiit.comAdmin is generally viewed as doing all the organisational jobs that no-one else wants to do. They arrange meetings, create diaries and timetables, keep files organised and generally sort things out so that other tasks run smoothly. Not all admin is simply doing menial errands for someone above. Some admin jobs can in fact lead to high class positions or include take place in an exciting environment that makes them much sought after positions.

Urban planner

Urban planners play a valuable role in any community. Often working for a local council, they make recommendations on new schools, roads and other infrastructure projects. Urban planners often have to be out in the field talking to the community and holding meetings with lawyers, developers, social scientists and member of government to decide whether a project is a viable or not. The job can often require certification and a master’s degree.

Medical coder

Medical coders work in hospitals and are involved in the digital organisations of medicines, patients and insurance billings. Medical billing and coding certification is required in most cases, on top of having a thorough knowledge of medical terms, however a full degree is not always necessary. At the top of the medical coding ladder are nosologists, whose job involves the organisation and classification of all new illnesses.

Foreign service officer

Foreign service officers may employed by an international business or a government in order to deal with affairs abroad. This job can involve a lot of travelling in order to arrange meetings dealing with international issues involving funds, environmentalism and legalities. In some cases, it may involve travelling to a dangerous location where there has been a military coup or an environmental disaster in order to try and organise recovery. A good educational background is usually required and foreign language can be advantageous. Whether you choose to serve a company or the government, you will most likely have to go through some rigorous interviewing to ensure that you are level-headed enough to deal with the role.

Political secretary

Political secretaries serve politicians with various admin tasks such as helping to arrange meetings with press and aiding planning of health, labour, housing and urban development. Such a position can be gained from rising up through various public admin roles, proving superior organisational and leadership qualities. Reach the top of the chain and you could be working as the secretary to a president or prime minister.


Alternatively working your way up through various admin roles may find you a position on a city council or the chance to put your name on a ballot and run for mayor. Mayors are essentially in charge of organising their community making it the ultimate admin role. You’ll need to show a record of results and leadership to be able to get to this position. Even in small towns there is heavy competition for this roles and a lot of requirements, including proof of past contributions to the community.

Staff Writer; Paul Hall

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