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A Career As A Racing Driver Isn’t Impossible.

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(Akiit.comUnlike most kids, you didn’t want to play football or basketball – you wanted to drive. But, you couldn’t because you were too young, so you idealized racing car drivers instead. And, as the years went on, you vowed to work in the industry no matter the cost. Over time, though the dream became unrealistic, and decided to go in a different direction. Does that sound like a familiar tale? Lots of wannabe drivers give when the going gets tough as it’s a competitive industry. What people like you don’t know is that giving up isn’t the answer. The right response is to use the tips below to turn your dream into a reality.

Network Day & Night

Anyone that watches Formula One will notice a trend. The pattern is that the people at the top reach the pinnacle because of their contact book. You see, they can talk to the individuals in charge and make things happen. So, the next time you think why a driver has a particular seat, it’s because they greased a lot of palms. If asking for help is below you, you’re not a suitable candidate for the role. As shows, a racing driver can’t succeed with sheer talent as every potential driver has talent. What you need is someone that will vouch for you when the opportunity arises.

Go To School

‘But, how do I make the contacts that I need to succeed?’ Good question. According to, the trick is to mix in the circles where the big boys mix. For example, you need to go the right parties or work in the right industry. And, that’s where school comes in handy. Anyone that goes to and graduates from ARDS can work as an instructor. Then, you can work in rallying, testing, or any niche that is suitable. As you make money, which is important, you’ll also hear about the latest jobs firsthand. If you’re charming enough, you should be able to ask a friend for a boost up the corporate ladder.

Find Money

In fact, that should say find lots of money. You might not know this, but becoming a professional driver is an expensive process. Firstly, you have to pay to become an instructor. And, then, you will have to find investors willing to pay for your seat. Oh yes, seats don’t come for free as teams want people that bring sponsorship money. After all, they have as many expenses to cover as you do, and that should give you an insight into the cost. There are a few options available. The first is to go to and apply for a loan. The second is get in touch with the rich and famous and beg for their help. Either way, make sure you count every penny before you commit.

One final thing – your physical and mental fitness are the key to success. Driving around a track is demanding, and so is politics that people in the industry play. So, get ready to have thick skin as well as thick muscles.

Staff Writer; Doug Ross

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