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Websites Are Changing… But Why?!

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(Akiit.comOver the last couple of years, you may have noticed some changes on the internet. Websites have started to get grander. Now, a lot of sites have more flair than a carnival parade. But, what exactly has brought these changes on? How did we go from simple table-based websites to websites with animated graphics and even simulated 3D? This post is going to be going through a few of the things that have driven this change in the website world. And, some neat ways the developers make the most of what they have.

The biggest change that’s occurred over the last few years in the widespread introduction of HTML5. This is the latest standard for website markup; the code that’s used to design the appearance of a site. And, provide most of the newer benefits that we see today. Along with this, CSS, the code used to give the HTML it’s appearance, has also been massively updated. Together, this provides developers with a huge playground of resources to get their jobs done. Allowing things like parallax websites and software-like applications within your browser. Along with this, several other standards have been changed and upgraded. With updates to ASP.NET, .NET Core Logging has become much easier and efficient. And, this is just the start. These updates make life a lot easier for the people making websites. And, they give access to a host of new tools.

Along with this, if you have seen a developer’s website in recent years; you’ve probably seen the platform known as WordPress. This is just one example of loads of excellent platforms out there that give web developers loads more scope with their websites. With these platforms, it’s easy to see a lot more standardisation of websites. Most checkout pages are the same on ecommerce sites, nowadays. And, you already know how to navigate most sites before you ever access them. Platforms like this not only improve the quality of a website. But, they can also drastically reduce turnaround times for developers. And, even make the website load faster.

Nowadays, when it comes to personal computing, the smartphone is truly king. A lot of people don’t have normal computers anymore. Instead, they handle everything they need to do on their phones. But, a small phone screen isn’t usually the best platform to display normal websites. So, developers have to make two websites whenever they make one. This change has a big impact on the space that servers have to have. And, it can even make it harder for developers to optimise their websites. But, without a mobile site; people probably won’t both with a business. So, it’s incredibly important that any website looking to have users has a mobile website.

Hopefully, this will help you to understand the change that a lot of websites have seen over the last few years. These changes will continue to have an impact. And, over time, websites will become even more complex. So, it’s worth making sure you keep up to date and ahead of the game.

Staff Writer; Paul Day

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