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3 Empowering Ways to Measure Your Success.

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( We all want success. How you define the word “success” determines just how satisfied you are with how your life is unfolding. If success is a moving target, with the finish line always just beyond your reach, it will impact everything from motivation to perseverance. If it is measured simply by a specific financial goal or job title or the square footage of your house, you’ll find the rewards rather empty once you attain it.

When I wrote Successful Women Think Differently (and later, Successful Women Speak Differently), I articulated a definition of success that resonated deeply with me – and over the years, so many readers of those books have expressed how that definition resonated with them, too. Here it is:

Success is a harmony of purpose, resilience and joy.


Does your daily life align with your life purpose? Do the activities in which you engage daily have meaning in your life? When you live life on purpose, you’re not afraid to make bold moves because you understand your mission in life.


Do you find a way to work around obstacles or do you let them get you stuck? On the path to success, obstacles, challenges and disappointments are inevitable. The most important skill you need is resilience: your ability to bounce back and even grow as a result of your challenges. If you’re doing that, you’re successful … and more success is headed your way.


We pursue success because we believe that, in some way, it will make us happier. But if you learn how to be happy on the way to your goal, that’s real success – not holding your happiness hostage to your circumstances. Happiness is a measure of success. Your ability to live in this world, deal with challenges and keep your joy is an accomplishment worth celebrating. Your joy is a strength that empowers you to persevere, reach goals and build strong relationships. So love, laugh, play and be grateful.

My challenge to you:

Measure your success by a definition that has real meaning to you.

Journal about it:

If you measure your success by the definition that it is, “a harmony of purpose, resilience and joy,” how do you feel you’re doing? Where do you excel by this definition? Where might you improve?

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