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2017, Multi-Year Government Shutdown.

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(Akiit.com) The acceptance of the final Obama budget gives all of us pause. Donald Trump and the Republicans could have changed it but chose not to. They are going to have to fight this battle eventually, and I would have counseled fighting it now. The longer we wait, the higher our cost will be. It is the same with this renegade Congress. They are not subservient to the people. We must confront them.

Why are we acting like different tribes? The tribal chiefs dictate our beliefs and seek to control what we say. I wrote the book “Tribalism” to try to explain why black Americans accept and defend liberalism. I may also need to write about the liberal Tribe dictating our culture.

Congress seem to be tone-deaf to the American people. They seem more in tuned with what the press will proclaim than what the public has declared. They seem to think we are demanding the government NOT close down for any reason. They are hearing voices in their heads whispering a warning about being blamed for any government shutdown.

It seems like Congress believes we are children, controlled by some adolescent mainstream press focusing on a political agenda. The media do not proclaim what we think nor our reaction to government actions. Was anyone awake this past election? The media declared Trump DOA, but the public declared him Mr. President. They do not see the high praises that would come from the public if the government were closed down to fix the problem.

While the Democrats were in power, not only could they close the government, they decided what part of the government were “essential services” to be funded and which would be closed during the shutdown. Then the press would show photos of suffering Americans without the government services and begin blaming the Republicans. But imagine a government shutdown with a Republican government making those decisions.

President Trump and the Republicans in Congress would decide if funding Planned ParentHood, PBS or “The Arts” were essential activities. The president could stop funding for any “nonessential” activity they deemed – and keep them unfunded. Maybe we could find some of the funding of UC Berkeley nonessential. How about funding for sanctuary cities?

Now, of course the Democrats would run to the 9th Circuit Court, but due to the emergency of a government shutdown, Trump would go directly to the Supreme Court for a ruling – a place where common sense has a majority. We could keep the government closed for years and effectively drain the swamp dry.

The Republicans in weak districts could have cover from the boogeyman press, and the people could see their interests being taken care of. We are Americans and by definition revolutionaries. Draining the swamp is going to get ugly – not only from the swamp dwellers, but from those servicing the swamp.

We all know that Congress has no stomach for a fight. Let’s stop expecting them to stand up and defend us. But Donald Trump has courage and is only standing up for us, so we should stand up for him. Let’s focus on two things: the September budget battle and the mid-term elections. We will eventually have all of the Cabinet secretaries and under secretaries in place, we will have another solid Supreme Court, and we will have Trump holding fast in the White House.

The last hundred days we stormed the gates and took control of the government, ignored the noise and pushed toward turning this monster around. We have pointed a strong American finger in the middle of the chest of our foreign adversaries and allies. We have all but halted illegal immigration of Democratic voters from nations to our south and are now turning our attention to gangs and the drug trade. It has been an amazing three months, and I cannot wait for the next three. We are a stronger nation with a moral light the world can once again follow.

While the press points fingers at Russia “trying” to influence our national elections but had no interest in President Obama’s direct influence in the Israeli elections, the people noticed. When the press ignored the attacks on free speech on college campuses but cried like babies when the administration refused to open up to the media, we noticed. When the press refused to call out foreign nationals’ financial contributions to radical, anti-American groups but spent time talking about the president’s daughter’s clothing line, we noticed. We have also noticed the constant cry for Trump’s tax returns, but none demanding Obama’s school records.

It is not that the Republican Congress is afraid of the media; it is their excuse for doing what they want to do. Too many Republicans personally see no problem with Planned ParentHood. Some think government can educate better, and many believe our national debt is not a problem. We see them debating the degree of pain we should endure instead of the elimination of that pain. The people understand that surgery is painful but so is the disease.

Most of our stress comes from the press – not because we think what they disseminate is true, but we feel others may believe them and turn away from the struggle. In fact more are joining us, and the press is proving less effective. They failed to sway the elections, they failed to sway Trump, and they have failed to sway us. We are going to Make America Great on the ashes of those standing against us.

We know the government has no authority to manage our health care, educate our children or invest in arts and entertainment. But we also know it is a money gravy train, and Congress is addicted to the money. We need a national intervention, and Donald Trump is the one to execute it.

If we are going to take full control of our government, we need to work around the swamp dwellers, not try to convince them.

Columnist; Mason Weaver

Official website; http://twitter.com/masonweaver

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