Thursday, February 1, 2024

Can We Change Marketing Messaging For The Better?

(Akiit.comMarketing is a powerful tool that enables a business to advertise its products. But what most people tend to forget is that marketing is a gauge of social evolution. If you look back only a few decades ago, marketing campaigns picture the ideal family with a stay-at-home mom and healthy kids playing outside on their bikes. Nowadays, the ideal family seems to be childless and tech-savvy, if you were to trust the marketing message of our favorite brands. It’s hard to tell whether the brand messaging has evolved to match the social trends or if the social trends have appeared as a result of the new brand messaging. Nevertheless, it asks an important question: Can people use marketing messaging only to shape society to new standards? And more important, if you were to use marketing as a social shaping tool, what are the areas that you need to target and how to do it best?

Social Trends Have Evolved But In-built Racism Hasn’t

When it comes to basic racist instincts, unfortunately, there’s still a catch: The new generations of adults have been brought up by people who share passive racist statements with them. As a result, while the Millennials – the current generation of young adults – don’t describe themselves as racist, they still from time passively racist behavior. Consequently, more and more people are sensitive about racist messaging, and can sometimes see discriminatory statement where there isn’t any, as GAP has recently experienced. Yet, it seems that the best way to fight passive racism is to build powerful marketing campaigns that do not promote a race per se, but that promote people are a multiracial and talented group of individuals.

Delivering Hope For Future Generations

There is no denying that education is an important tool to reshape societies. However, while education in the past didn’t need to prove its value to be respected, it seems now that this time is long gone. Students expect the university they will choose to prepare them for the modern and professional world. To put it in other words, there is a need for a higher education web design and messaging that delivers the evidence students need. In a world of highly digital communication, it’s time for universities to modernize their marketing. Books and knowledge are still as valuable as ever. But outdated knowledge is what students fear the most. A successful marketing messaging needs to give hope in future for the new generations.

What About Stepping Away From Gender Clichés?

There is still a big obstacle in the western society: Gender stereotypes. Indeed, while there are still serious debates over equal rights in the workplace for women and men, the gender clichés are still cultivated by most marketing firms. It is almost impossible to find an advert that is dedicated to stay-at-home dads, for example, while stay-at-home moms are targeted. If you were to watch TV for a couple of minutes, you’d be convinced that everything that women need in life is a new dress and a solid makeup foundation. As long as people will continue to accept this marketing gender discrimination, there will be no gender equality.   

Staff Writer; Sherry Day

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