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Starting A New Hobby? Here’s How To Become Competitive.

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(Akiit.comHobbies are a great way to get fit and healthy, as well as to give your life some structure. Plus, there are also brilliant for socializing and relieving stress. Still, that doesn’t mean these are the only reasons to play. When you start a new hobby, you have the prerogative to try and be competitive. Otherwise, the fun and enjoyment will dissipate, and you will need to find another sport to occupy your time. No one is saying you have to turn into a monster that wants to win at all costs, but a little competitive edge is natural. So, if you want to succeed when you don your exercise clothes, here are a few tips that can help.

Practice Makes Perfect

Everyone has heard this phrase because it is more played out than the people that take it to heart! Still, there is a reason that it has become a cliché, and that’s because it’s true. The only way you master a skill is to repeat it over and over again. Just think about any talents you possess, and you’ll know it to be true. Sure, you will have a natural flair for certain skills because of your predisposition. People with good hand-eye coordination are good at racket sports, for example. However, you don’t learn how to place the ball or move your opponent around until you get on the court.

Have A Passion

To improve, you have to put in lots of hours of practice, and it can be tiring. Sometimes, you will feel like it is all worthless and want to quit. What keeps you going isn’t your head – it’s your heart. In your heart, you know that you want to continue because you have a passion for the hobby. You want to get better because you don’t want to give up, and that desire drives you on. Now, this emotion isn’t something you can turn on like a light switch, so you need to choose wisely. Always go with something that feels new and exciting, and that makes you want to leave the house day after day. Hitting the gym, for instance, might destroy your soul, which means it isn’t the right choice.

Find A Mentor

There is only so much you can learn from playing other people or analyzing the game. After all, your knowledge has limits, and the most sports move too quick to process what’s happening. What you need, then, is someone that can fill in the gaps. Mentors are few and far between, but they are vital resources if you can find one. Thanks to their experience, they have wisdom that you have to possess if you want to move to the next level. Quite simply, they have been there and worn the t-shirt. One mentor might not be an option, so take advice from as many people as possible. If what they say is accurate, the information can’t do your game any harm.

Have Dedication

Being dedicated doesn’t only relate to practicing for hours or having a passion for the sport. It also means adapting your lifestyle to succeed every time you go out to play. Okay, this might seem like overkill. After all, you’re not Lionel Messi trying to win the World Cup. But, there is no need to sacrifice everything for the cause as a few simple changes can make all the difference. Consider pre and post workout supplements for a moment. Some might say Ligandrol is a nutrient that is too advanced for beginners, but the positives will boost your game. And, you don’t have to do much to exploit its effectiveness. The same goes for your diet. If you eat a balanced meal a few hours beforehand, you will have more energy and will last longer.


Whatever you do in life, you always need a plan. A plan is like a roadmap leading you in the right direction. With that in mind, it’s vital that you have a plan for your new hobby. Otherwise, your dream of becoming competitive will go up in smoke. Start by writing down what you want to achieve. Maybe you want to become a better positional player, or maybe you want to be faster and stronger. Regardless, you need to plan out how to make it happen. If you don’t, you’ll find that you either stagnate or go backward. These are not acceptable phases if you want to be successful.

Follow this advice and you’ll reach the top of the tree in no time.

Staff Writer; Gary Poole

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