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The First Things You’ll Encounter When You Enter Social Diplomacy.

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(Akiit.comHelping the community is a very noble cause and a call to action by people who have a similar mindset to you. But society is a very complex and fluid amalgamation of many different people with even more disparity between beliefs. But one way or another, you have to reach out to people to see how can you help them as individuals. The hivemind mentality is conducive to a collective tribe where people who disagree can often find themselves left out of important discussions. So as someone who is entering into social care whether it be with the idea of helping people’s health or diplomacy by working with the governmental authorities to bring jobs and prosperity to the community, know that it’s going to be tough but rewarding.

Getting into the nitty gritty

Working with people who cannot control their impulses which leads to substance abuse is one of the more difficult jobs you’re likely to encounter the first time you elect to spend your time helping the community. Traveling to places like The Recovery Village, you’ll meet people from your community who grew up in the same neighborhood, have fallen on hard times and need assistance. The reasons why they got to this position are complex, so open your mind and never judge somebody before you learn their story. Sometimes is because of the lack of jobs, but other times, it’s sad to admit that some people gave into weakness and got addicted to drugs.

The question shouldn’t be, why did they get this way, but how did the temptation get into the neighborhood in the first place. This will lead you into a more political stance, but if you want to help your community, you must get involved in some form or another, in local politics. Attend town hall meetings on issues that concern your area, and write to the politicians about your ideas and how you want to help. It’s a long tough road, but nothing is more satisfying than helping people, to help themselves.

Noting the issues in your neighborhood

From the little things like potholes in the roads which are damaging cars and causing citizens to spend their vital resources on repairs, to social and sports clubs that give children their first taste of freedom closing down. Aspiring to help your community first starts by simply studying each neighborhood’s ecosystem. How many people have jobs and what the average salary is, shows what kind of class the society is living in.

By simply taking a pen and pad with you, you can travel to different neighborhoods in your city, and join a program with a university, police, social care, or political party and conduct interviews with people living in impoverished areas. Write down their problems, that way you can see any patterns that are emerging and think of ideas to solve them. The key is to learn interview techniques before you go to these outreach programs, because you want a friendly persona and do more listening than talking.

Staff Writer; Keith Rose

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