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An Overview of Fxtrade777 – An Online Trading Company.

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( What is Forex Trading?

Forex is short for foreign exchange and therefore forex trading is the art of buying and selling foreign currency. You are basically buying a specific foreign currency with the hope that the value of that currency will go up in the near future, thereby making a profit by selling it. It is also known as FX trading and the roots of this type of business go back to early part of the 19th century. In those days, it was a form of business that only a few could do or even afford. These days FX trading has evolved into a multi-trillion-dollar industry in which anyone with access to a computer and the internet can do. This is thanks to in part because of companies like Fx trade 777.

Fxtrade777 is an online trading company which can be accessed by going to Once you get to the landing page, you will need to register with Fx Trade 777 in order to take advantage of their brokerage business. There are five different levels or categories for you to choose from. The categories are Mini, Standard, Gold, Platinum, and VIP. They are divided according to the amount required to get into the business. With a Mini account, you will need between $250-$500, with Standard, $1000, for Gold you will need $5000, for Platinum you need $10,000 and for VIP you are looking at $25,000 to get into the game. These are all the minimum amounts.


FxTrade777 uses a specific software to accomplish trading and it is called MT4 or Meta Trader. This software is one of the most widely used tools to trade in stocks as well as in foreign currency. The reason why MT4 is so popular is that it is capable of giving you split second analysis and charting capability. This is needed for anyone to succeed in the fast paced world of FX trading. The software comes preloaded with indicators and tools to do any pertinent analysis. But above all, MT4 is easy to use tool which means even if you are just starting out or an expert level trader, you will have no difficulty making quick decisions. MT4 can be used on different devices such as desktops as well as mobile devices.

Customer Service

It doesn’t matter what type of business a company is in, these days. The important thing everyone wants to know is how is their customer service. Fx Trade 777 offers excellent service by providing the following services.

1. The web site has video tutorials available explaining what the business is and how it is done

2. If a problem or question arises, customer support can be quickly contacted via phone, chat or email

3. Expert brokers are on hand to answer questions and guide you through trade options. They also give training for novices who are doing this for the first time

4. Any money used or made are kept in reputable banks for extra peace of mind

Apart from FX trading, the company also offers other financial services such as CFD’s, Indices, Bonds, Commodities and Precious Metals.

Staff Writer; Craig Day

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