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African American Leaders & What They Drive.

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(Akiit.com) Have you ever wondered what famous and powerful African Americans drive? If so, join the club. These men and women are included in the top 50 celebrities and their cars and can be found behind the wheels of some of the most expensive and luxurious cars on the road.

Following are what the top leaders in the African American community are currently driving or did so in the past. If you have enough cash, then perhaps you can buy one of these flashy vehicles or something similar to what the New York Yankees drive, for yourself. But, if like most people, and you have not yet reached top tier social, political or economic life, just live vicariously through this article.

Oprah Winfrey

Winfrey is the undisputed queen of minority television. Her opinion is so well-regarded that a mere mention of a brand on the show can make a product an overnight success. Authors send her books on a regular basis, hoping to make it on her monthly reading list.

So, what does Oprah drive? Seems she has decided to go eco-friendly because in 2015, Winfrey bought an electric Tesla Model S.

Barack Obama

“Mr. President” had a variety of limousines, helicopters, and, of course, Air Force One at his disposal while in office. Now that he has abdicated the “throne,” Obama will probably return to his personal vehicles, which include a Ford Escape Hybrid. Before running for president, Obama drove a Chrysler 300C sedan.

Colin Powell

“The General” helped the nation get through Operation Desert Storm with his informative nightly news reports. He came across as honest, forthright. Today, Powell remains a familiar face to millions around the world following his stint as Secretary of State.

Retired, Powell is a collector of sporty Corvettes, reportedly owning three.

Tyrese Gibson

Tyrese has made a name for himself through the Fast and Furious movie franchise that keeps getting better. His wisecracking character takes a verbal bashing from the even funnier co-star Ludacris. Great stuff.

By the way, just as in the movies, Tyrese drives fast and furious in a white Maserati.

If you want to be seen in a car as smooth as those Tyrese drives both on the screen and in real life, stop by his custom car shop in the United Arab Emirates. These are high-end vehicles, so be sure to bring your checkbook, credit cards and a probably a lot more!

Michael Jordan

Still considered the best pro basketball player of all time, Jordan is a very powerful African American. His endorsement of products from underwear to, of course, his own athletic shoes, earns him more money than he made playing basketball. In fact, the release of the new “Nike Jordans” is rivaled only by an iPhone launch. People will wait hours, if not all night, to be the first to own a pair.

Today, Jordan reportedly makes over $80 million a year as a celebrity product endorser. He is also a car dealer with access to any Nissan model his heart desires.

Jesse Jackson

This civil rights icon has been visible on the political scene since the 1960s. He apparently drives SUVs because there was an incident in which his turned up missing.

Thieves stole the SUV Cadillac Escalade in Detroit while Jackson was in town to participate in a protest. His Escalade disappeared from its hotel parking spot only to later turn up without wheels or windows.

Get Behind the Wheel Yourself

Now that you know what the African American leadership class is driving, you might want to consider buying something new and flashy of your own.

However, always remember that money is not the most important thing here. You can get a nice used vehicle and fix it up slowly over time. Keep adding modifications and before long, you too will have a ride that turns heads on the streets.

Staff Writer; Steve Hall

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