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Caring For Elderly Relatives: The Basics.

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(Akiit.comAs we grow older, so do our loved ones. And the chances are that at some point in your life you will need to care for your elderly parents or other close relatives. When we are younger, our parents do everything for us, from changing our nappies, feeding us and taking us to school. It’s only fair that when the time comes that they are too weak to care for themselves, that we help out.

Whether your relative decides to live in their own home, move in with you or into assisted accommodation, there are things that you can do to make their lives easier and give back to those who cared for you in your younger years.

Hire A Carer

A professional carer can be a great investment if you are someone who works full time and struggles to be there all the time for your loved one. Life can be hectic, and it is totally understandable if you feel the need to hire an extra pair of hands to help with simple everyday tasks. The kind of things a care assistant can help with are:

  • Shopping
  • Preparing meals
  • Help with medication
  • Driving or helping you get around
  • Supporting you when you need to take a break
  • Personal care: washing, dressing and using the toilet

Having a carer in your home or your loved ones home can also bring the added benefit of companionship and help your relative to stay sociable and facilitate their mental health.

Adding Facilities To The Home

If you do decide to keep everything residential rather than forking out for accommodation, there are some small touches you can add to the home to make it safer and easier for your elderly relative to get around and complete daily tasks.

Toilet Bar

Similarly to when you see a disabled toilet cubicle in a public place: it can be a huge help to install a bar on the wall so that your elderly relatives don’t struggle sitting down and getting up after using the facilities.

Chair Lift

With old age, muscles weaken, and your parent may find it difficult to climb the stairs. If so, it is a good idea to invest in a chair lift so that they simply sit down and press a button to ascend or descend the stairs.

Emergency Alert System

This applies especially if your relative decides to live alone. An alert system can be installed in the home which will alert a medical professional when a cord is pulled. You can get these systems from places such as and they will give your family member a means to alert the emergency services should they have a nasty fall.

Recliner Chair

For added comfort and ease, you could buy a recliner chair which lifts electronically, aiding standing up without hurting the back. They are easy to find online and can help your relative hugely. You can find them here:

Bathtub Lift

Another obstacle for the elderly is the bathtub. As a person gets old and their back begins to fail, it can be too difficult to stand in the shower for a long period. This means that a bath is more suitable for their needs than a standing shower. However, lifting themselves in and out of the bath can also be a problem. That’s why it is a good idea to install a bath lift. It is essentially a strip f rubber which you sit on, and it lowers you into the tub and then lifts you out afterward.

Staff Writer; Shelia Hall

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