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Terrorist Attacks: How To Act.

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(Akiit.comThese days, terrorist attacks seem to be a very commonplace occurrence. They aren’t restricted to one country either; it seems that terrorists are willing to target people in various countries, from American metropolises to scenic holiday resorts.

Because of the frequency and randomness of these attacks, lots of people are now interested in safety and security best practices that they can use when they are out and about. Are you wondering what the best way to act if you are ever caught up in a terrorist attack is? Read on for some potentially life-saving tips!


If you are able to do so, then you should run away from the scene of the terrorist attack. However, before you do so, you should consider which is your safest route. Taking a couple of minutes to consider this will be much better than simply panicking and darting off in any direction, as you could end up in even more danger. Once you have figured out the safest way away from danger, run as fast as you can. Don’t think there is a safe route for you to take? Then you should hide straight away (we’ll come on to hiding in more detail later). Remember that the most safest route is the one which does not expose you to the terrorists. If there are a few of you together when the attack takes place, you need to persuade everyone to run with you. Some people might be extremely scared and panicked, which might cause them to freeze, or they might not think that running will be particularly safe. However, it is crucial that you persuade them to do so, as staying in one place could prove to be life-threatening. Don’t try and take your belongings with you when you run; you should leave these behind, especially if they are going to slow you down.


Don’t think it is safe for you to run? Then you need to hide. This is especially important if there is ongoing gunfire. If there is gunfire, don’t hide behind wood or glass as bullets can get through these materials. Look for more substantial cover, like metal or brick walls. Bear in mind that the attacker can probably see you if you can see them, so you should try and find a hiding place where they aren’t in your line of sight. You should also try and find a hiding place that has an easy exit route, just in case you need to escape. If possible, lock yourself in a room to hide. Don’t forget that you should turn your phone on silent so that it doesn’t give you away.


As soon as it is safe to do so, you need to call 911. If you are unable to talk, it could still be worth calling them – they will be able to give you some instructions down the phone if they are already aware that you might be caught up in a terrorist attack. If you can talk, it is necessary to tell them the following information:

  • Your location – where are you and where are the attackers?
  • A description of the attacker
  • When did you last see the attacker?
  • The estimated number of casualties and potential hostages.

Find Medical Help

Even if you don’t think that you have been injured, you will need to find some medical attention. If you or someone else called the emergency services as soon as possible, then there should be an ambulance and paramedics on the scene of the attack in no time at all. It’s a good idea to see a paramedic so that they can check you over. They will be able to quickly assess whether or not you should go to the nearest hospital. If a lot of people have been involved in the attack, the paramedics might be extremely busy and will have to attend to those who have been seriously injured first. If this is the case, and you are able to walk, then it’s a good idea to take yourself to hospital straight away.

Head To The Nearest Hospital

If the paramedics are overstretched at the site of the attack, you should head straight to your nearest hospital so that they can attend to those who are badly injured. Once you are in the hospital you can get the required treatment and contact your personal injury lawyer if you think that is necessary. Depending on the severity of your injuries, you might be able to get compensation from the government but, if not, a lawyer who specialized in personal injury should be able to help you. The hospital will no doubt be very busy if it is close to the scene of the attack, so you should expect to wait a while to be seen to. But, no matter how long the wait is, it is important that you do wait as your injuries may be more serious than you at first realize.

Consider Post-Traumatic Shock Therapies

As you will have been through a very traumatic situation, you may experience post-traumatic stress straight after the attack. This can last anywhere from a week to a few years. In some cases, people suffer from it for the rest of their life. If you think that you are suffering from shock, it is important that you visit a therapist or sign up for another type of post-traumatic shock therapy. There are a range of treatments available; if you speak to your doctor, he or she will be able to advise you on the best one for you. Once you start your treatment, you will find that it gets a lot easier to deal with your emotions and feelings that you are left with after this kind of attack.

Going through a terrorist attack is certainly a very shocking and traumatic situation to be in. However, if you follow all of the above tips, then you should, hopefully, come out of it without too many life-changing injuries. Fingers crossed that you never end up in the middle of one!

Staff Writer; Peter James

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