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The Black Guy’s Guide to Shaving.

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(Akiit.comMost men don’t exactly have the smoothest time shaving. They suffer from razor burn, ingrown hairs, and skin irritation that they’d obviously rather avoid. However, black guys tend to have more problems more often because their hairs are curly, and therefore more prone to become ingrown.

If you’re sick of skin irritation and you want to experience a smoother shave, check out these simple tips for better shaving as a black guy:

Buy a Better Razor

If you’ve purchased one of those fancy multi-blade razors because you’ve been swayed by the marketing that they offer a closer shave, it could be time to throw it out and buy a better razor for you.

The problem with multi-blade razors is that they do offer a very close shave and this isn’t exactly good for black men because the closer the shave, the more likely ingrown hairs are to be a problem. Switch to a safety razor, and you should experience fewer lumps and bumps and less irritation.

Wash Before Shaving

If you’re wondering how to prevent acne after shaving because that is a particular problem for you, one of the simplest solutions is to carefully wash your face, hands and if necessary, your razor before shaving. This will prevent dirt and oil clogging up your newly shaved and  sensitive skin, for fewer spots.

Moisturize Daily

If you are of the opinion that real men don’t moisturize, it’s time to get over yourself because skin that is healthy and well-hydrated is much less likely to be irritated after shaving. Moisturize morning and night for best results.

Shave Less Frequently

If your skin gets really very irritated, more than the norm, after shaving, then as a black guy, it really is worth considering shaving less often. If you shave every day, switch to every other day instead. A little stubble is no big deal, and it will help to minimize the amount of painful and unsightly ingrown hairs you experience.

Scrub then Shave

Before you shave, use a facial exfoliator made specifically for men to scrub your face and get rid of any dead skin. The smoother and cleaner your skin is when you start shaving, the more exposed your hairs will be and the less likely they are to grow inwards.

Shave in the Same Direction as Your Growth

We all know that shaving against the direction of hair growth makes for a closer shave, but if you’re a black guy with curly hairs, this will only lead to trouble. You’re far less likely to get ingrown hairs if you shave in the direction of growth because new hairs will grow back in the right direction, instead of into the skin where they cause so many issues.

Use an Aftershave

Once you’ve finished shaving, you should use an aftershave to rehydrate your skin, but you should steer clear of alcohol-based products, which despite being good at killing off bacteria, will dry out your skin, making it tight and possibly more painful.

Implement these simple changes to your shaving routine for a healthier, happier, shave.

Staff Writer; Paul Shaw

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