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Extracurricular Activities That Look Awesome On A College Application.

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(Akiit.comCollege is a massive time in a young person’s life. Not to over-egg the pudding, but it could set you up for life. Going to a great university not only improves your life skills but catches the eye of future employers. So, it makes sense to apply to the best of the best. However, applying and getting accepted are two different things. There is plenty of competition and you have to stand out from the crowd, not from an academic sense but an extracurricular one.

Colleges want to know what separates you from the pack and what makes you unique. Here is a selection of the activities which they love to see on an application.

Debate Team

On the face of it, a debate team member has sound academic skills which colleges love. From being politically minded to a skilled arguer, it screams ACCEPT ME! However, there is more to under the surface. Debaters have to stand up in front of a crowded audience and address the room. In simple terms, this is public speaking. Of course, public speaking is a skill which colleges try and encourage because it’s a significant part of modern day life. Even the people who don’t think they need it have to give presentations at work.

Greek Life

Being a member of a fraternity or a sorority has a stigma among young people. Thanks to the bad PR, it’s as if students are afraid to become part of a family. Yes, there is hazing and excessive partying, but there’s no need to put that on the application. The things you want to talk about are how you looked after the finances, organized events and helped the local community. Also, it’s essential to talk about how Greek life enabled you socially. Universities don’t just want geeks with zero balance between school and life.

Sport Teams

Aside from the social aspects of sports, colleges want to see an applicant take care of their health. Obesity is an epidemic and universities want to do more to tackle the problem. Also, they want to see how being a member of a sports team helped you grow as a person. Have you shopped at Cisco Athletic before? If you haven’t, now is the time because wrestling has fantastic personal benefits. Not only do you have to be committed, but you need to be analytical. Top wrestlers locate their opponents’ strengths and weaknesses and exploit them to their benefit.

Peer Tutoring

There isn’t enough staff member to provide one on one time with every student at college. So, unis use the best students to plug the gap. After all, they are grade A students who understand elaborate theories and can pass on their knowledge. But, you need to have a background in tutoring because it is a skill. Colleges don’t let anyone impact the future of their student’s academic career. Peer tutoring is perfect because it mixes experience will a willingness to help others.

Remember that the best applicants have a mixture of social, academic and sports skills.

Staff Writer; Jason Day

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