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Struggling to Focus in College? It’s Not You, It’s The World.

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(Akiit.comThere are few things more exciting than heading off to college for the first time. Even when it’s your second, third, or fourth years, there’s still a buzz when you find yourself back on campus, ready for another of fun activities, socialising, and learning! There is one problem, however, that few outside of university administrations are talking about, and that is: that students are finding it more difficult than ever to concentrate on their studies. If you’re in this boat, then fear not: it’s likely the world’s problem, not yours. Below, we take a look at some reasons why this happens, and what you can do about it.

Too Much Stimulation

The internet has done a lot of good for the world, especially in the area of education. But it’s not perfect, and in fact, in many ways, it’s doing more harm than good. It streamlines the learning process, but the constant bombardment of lights, advertisements, and distractions means it’s causing student attention spans to diminish. Instead of being a slave to your laptop and iPhone, take a step back. If you have a cutoff point for your internet use, you’ll be giving your mind a break and helping to retain information for longer.

Not All Foods Are Created Equal

Students have never been the most healthy of eaters, but studies have shown that what they’re putting into their body is having a determinantal effect on their studies. To get the most out of your college experience, your brain needs to be sharp, ready to take in all that it’s presented with. For your snacks, ditch the chips, and instead focus on foods like nuts and seeds, blueberries, and avocados. When studying, sip on a drink like Monster Energy; it’ll help keep your brain alert when it’s beginning to get tired. At dinner time, focus on foods like salmon, whole grains, and the outstandingly cheap (great for students!) beans.

Mental Health Challenges

There has never been a generation of people put under more stress than today’s youth. They’re expected to be perfect at school, have extracurricular activities, and be social. That would have an effect on anybody, and it is. Mental health among students is an increasing problem, and it’s also contributing to poor concentration levels. To stay focused, make sure you’re giving your mind some TLC. A simple walk in nature can give your brain what it needs to feel good!

Manage Your Time

And remember what we just said about students having to do more and more? Well, you can imagine how this affects a person’s timekeeping! People learn best when they have no distractions and when they’ve dedicated a chunk of time to just one activity. Create a schedule, and stick to it.

A Clear Mind

You don’t have to go looking for things to disrupt your mind: the world will do it for you. Try your best to ignore all the noise and keep your eyes on the prize, which is to get a great college education.

Staff Writer; Craig Poole

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