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Black Men These Are The Crucial Reasons To Take Better Care Of Your Health.

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(Akiit.comHealth, it is vitally important to every person on the planet, but some of us are still treating it like it doesn’t matter at all. In fact,  some of us take no account of what we put into our system on a daily basis including junk food, alcohol, tobacco, and even narcotics.  All things that have an instant effect on our system, so why are we in denial that they have a long-term one as well? Well, they all do, and it can be very negative and problematic our health. Something that it is vital to take the best care you can of, for a reason listed below.

So you can be around for your family

Good health is something that allows us to stay around for longer with our families. That means we can be there to guide them, care for them, and experience the different stages of their lives as they grow up.

Black families need their fathers to be healthy.

Families need their fathers and to be there we have to have our health in the best condition possible. That means swapping out some of those sugary snacks for fruit, giving up smoking, and cutting back on alcohol if that is our poison. After all, what is more, important that family?

Because it’s hard to get SSD

Some people have the opinion that they don’t need to worry about their health because the US government will bail them out with social security disability if they get too sick to work to provide for themselves and their loved ones. However, those folks are in for a shock because only 30% of applicants to the SSD system actually get granted financial assistance. Something that demonstrates how hard it is to get help from the government when your health is poor. This, of course, highlights the need to take responsibility for our own health and not rely on the slim chance of a hand out from the State.

Of course, there are some of us that cannot help the health situation that we find ourselves in but still come up against the might of the governmental machine when applying for assistance. Luckily, there are people out there like Chermol & Fishman that are experts in this area. Something that means they can help you will your SSD legal case and improve your chances of being in the successful 30%.

Because your body is a temple

Don’t forget either that in The Bible, 1 Corinthians 6:19-20 says that our bodies are a gift from God. Therefore they should be taken care of as an act of living faith.

Of course, like all of God’s instructions to us, this will benefit our lives, because the healthier we are, the better we will feel, and the easier life will be to live and enjoy.

Because it will allow you to be a strong role model

Last, of all, black men need to take care of our health because of the influence we have over others. We influence our friends, our families, and many others that we meet in day to day life.

It can even be said that we are in fact role models for an entire generation, and so it is our responsibility to deal with this seriously. To do this, we must model the behavior that we want to encourage others, including looking after our physical and mental health in the best way possible.

Staff Writer; Shawn Poole



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