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Conquer Techno Fear To Uncover New Potential.

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(Akiit.comFor a lot of people, there could be nothing worse than using a tech tool that refuses to work. Picture the scene; you’re sitting at your desk and trying to go through the daily tasks when suddenly your computer freezes. While most people would switch it off and on without a second thought and get on with their day, some can’t keep a cool head when technology fails. This is called fear of technology, or technophobia, and can cause dramatic anxiety attacks when dealing with the effects of technology.

From cold sweats to the need to hide in the toilets and cry, technophobia is a destructive fear. More importantly, it is a crippling condition at a time where technology rules your daily life, either at work or home. Refusing to go with the flow can set you back in your professional career and in your household comfort too. It’s time to take back control and embrace the tech world.

Don’t despair; troubleshoot

Technology can go wrong from time to time. But, there’s no reason to fear it, as more often than not, you can fix the issue and continue to use your device. A standard issue that people who hate computers complain about is the huge lag time that they get from their PC. Let’s get things clear: This isn’t a normal response to modern devices. More often than not, a slow PC or laptop could be linked to a wsappx and high disk usage issue. The wsappx is a background service that you can find by checking in your task manager for running processes. The tool is known for using large amounts of CPU and memory,  but you can fix it by updating your drivers.

What is a website made of?

If your role involves web monitoring in terms of marketing activities, you might consider that website coding is the job of a professional programmer. Why you may not become fluent in HTML overnight, you can certainly save yourself a lot of troubles by learning the basics. By combining design templates and basic coding languages you can save a lot of money and create a personalized website, simply by twitching a few lines of code. Additionally, why not sell your new skills to others? Using HTML means that you can offer marketers a service to embed all the necessary tracking codes into their web source. So what’s stopping you from making yourself indispensable to your team?

Don’t fear changes

Most people fear tech innovation because they believe that robots could replace them in the workplace. However, you need to adapt to a constantly changing world to remain relevant. After all, technology can only replace those who have no use anymore. If you know how to make the most of innovative tools and devices, you are a valuable asset to your employer and the market. Additionally, embracing innovation is not about how to use a new tool but also understand how it can serve meaningful human purposes too. In short, if it doesn’t improve your life, then it’s not useful.

The path from techno-fear to techno-joy is about understanding issues, mastering skills and embracing changes by focusing on the positive purpose behind your knowledge in technology. The world is moving forward; don’t go against the flow.

Staff Writer; Phil Poole

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