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How To Introduce More Positivity Into Your Life For A Happier You.

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(Akiit.comLife can have a funny way of throwing curveball after curveball at you, and sometimes this can really start to get you down and make you feel a little dejected. When you’re stuck in the same routine, it can be difficult to see the beauty in the mundane. Below are a few simple ways that you can shake things up a bit to inject a little positivity into your life, allowing you to feel brand new. 


It is scientifically proven that exercising helps to release dopamine, known as the happy chemical, and help to boost even the most negative of moods. As well as reducing stress and anxiety, exercising regularly helps to make you feel more energised on a daily basis. You don’t have to sign up to an expensive gym membership and subject yourself to a gruelling workout on a treadmill for hours and hours, seven days a week. Exercise – surprisingly enough – can be something you enjoy. As long as you are moving and raising your heart rate, you will start to feel the benefits. You could take a nice walk every day, join a new exercise class like Zumba or Boxercise, or go for a nice relaxing swim at your local pool. It doesn’t have to be a chore – whatever you enjoy most is fine, and your body will reward you by intensifying your happiness and confidence for longer and helping you to stay positive.


There are plenty of benefits to taking the time to meditate, not just the fact that, like exercise, meditation releases endorphins and serotonin too. A lot of people talk about meditation as the pathway to inner peace and a happier, more positive life – and they are not wrong. It helps to boost your immune system, allow you to sleep deeper at night, and get your creative juices flowing during the day. Studies suggest meditation also helps you to achieve a mental clarity that helps you to stay focused and pay attention to detail, all while allowing you to let go of negative thoughts quickly, leaving more room for positivity. You don’t have to spend hours trying to find inner peace. Just taking 10 minutes a day to clear your mind and breathe, or using guided meditation from an app like Headspace, will introduce you to daily meditation and help you to start feeling the benefits.  

Get Outside

Fresh air has been proven to reduce stress and boost your mood, so getting outside on a daily basis is essential for a boost in positivity. If you are someone who struggles to get out your house due to anxiety, then renovating your garden into a zen haven for you to relax in could be extremely beneficial to your overall health and positivity. Investing in different plants that flower around the year, revamping your patio and decking areas and investing in a summer house will help your garden to feel more welcoming and relaxing.

You could even buy wooden crane mats to protect your lawn and hire someone to install a pond in your garden to be able to connect with nature in the comfort of your home. The sound of water has been known to be extremely calming and help to lift your mood – even if you didn’t want to go as far as investing in a pond, you could look into buying a water feature or fountain instead. The garden is also a great place to meditate, or do a HIIT workout, helping you to feel stress-free, positive, and uplifted.

Hopefully, this has given you some food for thought on how you can boost your mood and positivity on a daily basis, allowing you to live an uplifted and happier life.

Staff Writer; George Love

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