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You Never Knew These Facts About Tech…But You Should!

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(Akiit.comThink you know all there is about technology? Think again! There are various aspects of tech that people either misunderstand or are completely oblivious to. However, it is important that you do know some facts about the technology you’re using because being ignorant could mean that your details are less secure, that your money can be stolen and that your life may not be as private as you think. So, let’s look at a few tech facts that you should be aware of.

Someone Could Be Watching You

Have you ever looked at the terms and conditions of the apps that you have on your phone? There are some very interesting pieces of information in there. Whatsapp is a great one. Buried in the terms and conditions of Whatsapp is a statement that gives the company a legal right to turn on your camera whenever they see fit without your permission or knowledge. As such, if you give the app permission to use your camera, it can be switched on at any time. It’s not the only app that has this condition either, and it is worth thinking about. This means that they can watch you whenever you like. Now, it’s true that you are always taking this type of risk when you use tech like this and the only way to sleep easily is to believe you can trust the companies behind these pieces of software.

You’re Not Anonymous

When you’re online, you are never anonymous. There is no real way to protect your identity online. Many people think that by opening a private search, their actions are hidden. But the fact is that this only impacts the level of information stored on your searches on the computer itself. The data is still sent off and stored in a cloud server somewhere. People in the UK were upset when a new snooping law was passed that allowed the government to view internet searches online with minimum warrants. Americans were thankful it wasn’t happening in their country, but the fact is this level of anti-privacy has probably been around for years. The UK simply brought it into the public spotlight.

Nothing Is Ever Really Deleted

When you delete something from your computer system, you probably think that it’s gone for good, but that’s not true. Deleting something from a computer actually just moves the file around. It still exists. Somewhere on the harddrive, it’s there in plain sight to those who know how to find it. If you’re struggling to find a missing file or indeed files, data recovery is probably the option you need. With data recovery, you’ll be able to rediscover everything that you once lost.

It’s More Intelligent Than You Think

Tech has become very intelligent in recent years and will become more so over the next decade. It will reach the point where a number of jobs will be erased, purely by the use of tech. That’s why if you’re picking a career right now it’s worth being cautious and looking for one that is safe. However, it’s fair to say that the number grows smaller every day which is why eventually we will need a universal living wage.

Did you know these facts about tech? If you didn’t, we bet you’ll look at your computer in a different light next time you switch it on.

Staff Writer; Greg Ford

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