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Rev. Al Sharpton Exploiting Stephon Clark’s Death.

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( What happens when a race hustler is allowed to incite riots, destroy lives and is never held accountable? He continues to do it over and over again. Case in point:

Stephon Clark, 22, was shot and killed by Sacramento police responding to reports of a suspect attempting to break into a home and vehicles. A video shows police chasing Clark on foot. They repeatedly tell Clark to stop. Then officers shout, “Gun! Gun! Gun!” before shots are fired. The item Clark was holding turned out to be a cell phone. Clark was shot dead on March 18.

The Sacramento police chief is black, and one of the officers involved in the shooting is black, but Al Sharpton still rushed into town to make it about race. Sharpton spoke at Clark’s funeral, and, without knowing the facts, he blamed the officers.

Sharpton told reporters, “There is no way that we can understand why an unarmed young man in his grandmother’s backyard, five feet from where she sleeps, was shot at 20 times and killed.”

Sharpton said police could have knocked on the door or called for backup.

“Why was the immediate thing to draw lethal force?” Sharpton asked.

Stephon Clark’s brother, Stevante Clark, has been everywhere in the days since his brother’s death. Along with Black Lives Matter activists, they’ve faced off with police and have created chaos in Sacramento.

Sacramento Mayor Darrell Steinberg (another weak liberal Democrat) held a press conference saying policies can prevent shootings like this. Angry black protesters showed up at a Sacramento City Hall to protest Clark’s death. Stevante Clark interrupted the city hall meeting, rushed the city council’s dais and jumped on it, chanting “Stephon Clark!” The meeting erupted into chaos. When the mayor called for order, Stevante told him to “shut the f— up!” Protesters then marched on the streets and shut down major freeways and blocked Sacramento Kings fans from attending a game.

According to Clark family friend Jamilia Land, “Stevante has post-traumatic stress disorder.” Land said, “He has lost two of his brothers to violence … and he is starting to lose his mind. He needs help.”

We know! But this didn’t stop Sharpton from embracing this out-of-control thug. Sharpton said the shooting death of Stephon Clark has “brought us back” and this is a national issue.

Sharpton loves these cases. He has built his career exploiting racial tensions and inciting riots. He’s been waiting for an issue like this to catapult him back into the limelight.

But without a race-baiter like Barack Obama as president to help him, Sharpton is not getting the national attention he wants. The fake news media are doing their part to push the story, but Sharpton wants to drag President Donald Trump into this mess.

So far, the White House has played it smart. When White House Press Secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders was asked about the case, she said the shooting was a “local matter.”

Sharpton responded: “No, this is not a local matter. They’ve been killing young black men all over the country, and we are here to say that we’re going to stand with Stephon Clark and the leaders of this family. … This is about justice.”

Sharpton doesn’t care about Stephon Clark or his family. This is nothing more than another shakedown to line his own pockets. Sharpton is a tool of the elite, socialist Democratic Party, and this is one more issue Democrats will use to energize dumb black voters in November.

Sharpton has a history of using the threat of protest to extract corporate donations for his civil rights organization, National Action Network. For example, Sharpton was hired as a host by MSNBC a year after he and other black “leaders” lent pivotal support to Comcast’s successful bid to acquire NBC Universal, the former parent company of MSNBC.

He also has a very sordid past (which I write about in my book, “SCAM“). Sharpton was embroiled in the Tawana Brawley hoax. He was at the center of the 1991 Crown Heights race riot between blacks and Orthodox Jewish residents in New York City, where a Jewish man was fatally stabbed.

If Sharpton cared about black lives, he would be marching and calling for end to black-on-black killings in Chicago, where more than 1,400 mostly black males have been gunned down. Sharpton doesn’t say a word against this because he can’t get money from poor blacks.

He wants accountability and “justice” when police shoot black suspects (in justified shootings), but not for black crime and immorality. The black out-of-wedlock birth rate is now a staggering 77 percent. How about calling for accountability on this?

Stephon Clark, like Trayvon Martin and Michael Brown, caused his own death. He was another black thug raised by an angry black mother without the love of a good a father.

This has nothing to do with saving a single black life. It’s about fame, money and power for race hustlers like Sharpton – and energizing black voters for the midterm elections, nothing else.

Columnist; Jesse Lee Peterson

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