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Facebook A Friend Or Foe?

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( Let’s face it: Some 2 billion people in who knows how many nations traded the intimate details of their daily lives in return for the proverbial “free” lunch. “It’s free and it always will be.” Really? So who paid for that empire you built, Zuk?

Who knew that, what you told “just your friends,” could be mined, packaged, repackaged, sliced, diced, and sold for hundreds and thousands of dollars each year, to multiple buyers? Who knew that it could be cross-referenced with your medical history, DNA tests, your gossip and other intimate details of your life gathered anywhere and everywhere online, for thousands of dollars each year?

When you signed up, your value to the company was never disclosed. What they should have said is, “Your account is provided absolutely free of charge. We anticipate the sale of your personal data, and that of your friends, will provide many thousands of dollars per year in income to our company. Thanks for signing up!”

Sold to whom? We don’t know that yet. Certainly advertisers, a variety of researchers, artificial intelligence and robotics projects of all stripes. Psychologists, psychiatrists, sociologists, behaviorists, colleges, universities, big pharma. Political parties. Big-bucks political donors and their anonymous political organizations. And let’s not forget the deep state, either.

Big tech, you see, has a big problem with telling the “little people” the truth about what they have done, are doing and plan to do with all the intimate information they have collected about you. Google seems to have about 3,500 employees assigned to the Pentagon, helping to analyze drone footage.

Where do you suppose Google gets their raw test data? The big tech companies, from manufacturers to service providers, are all monitoring your life 24/7 and selling every scrap of detail they collect. Is the deep state a customer? How much of our tax money has gone into the building of big tech? Is that why there were no budgets during the Obama years? Is that where the missing trillions of dollars have gone? How much ended up in whose pockets?

The unfolding scandal between big tech, big business, big research and big government (the deep state) is too large even to imagine at this point. But it’s all going to come out. Because it always does.

Here’s a question: When is Facebook going to give back the money they took without informing account holders? When are they going to pay a monetary penalty to their account holders? And how are they going to regain control over the data they spilled across the world? Or did they think that would be unnecessary, because they had the world all planned out for all the rest of us?

Written by Craige McMillan

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One Response to “Facebook A Friend Or Foe?”
  1. Craig Shaw says:

    We all seem to have a love/hate relationship with Facebook. I for one can’t let it go.

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