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Study Indicates that People As Old as 75 Can Still Create New Brain Cells.

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(Akiit.comThe Columbia University in New York City conducted a study that showed that those who are over the age of 13 cannot generate new neurons. US researchers made a complete U-turn on Thursday, showing that those as old as 79 could generate new neurons and brain cells. This has fuelled a brand new debate as to whether or not our mental abilities will ever stop growing.

Unfortunately, no study has yet to give a definitive statement that disproves the other, but the whole thing is certainly being monitored closely. As the ageing population continues to grow, scientists are working diligently to try and understand how the brain works in the later years while also trying to stop the early signs of dementia.

Researchers are looking for signs that new brain cells are being founded, and this includes the progenitor cells. These are otherwise known as being stem cells, that can go on to form new neurons. They used brain cells from 28 people who passed away suddenly between the age of 14 and 79. Researchers found neurons that had been newly formed within every human shortly after their death.

An Insight into The Older Generation

The study found that the elderly have the ability to make thousands of neurons from stem cells, in the exact same way that younger people can. The findings also suggest that seniors may have way more of their own cognitive and emotional abilities than what we first thought, which is often a main factor in nursing home abuse. It has been cautioned that even though these new neurons are being made, they may be far less adept at making more connections in older people. This is all down to the ageing blood vessels. When you look at mice and even monkeys, you’ll soon see that they are able to generate new brain cells but they do lose this ability as they get older.

The Opposite Study

The University of California found the opposite. They looked at brain cells from 59 adults and younger children. They found absolutely no evidence to show that new neurons were being created in those older than 18.  They also found a lot of new neurons in younger children and this really did go on to show everyone that most healthy neurons are formed during the foetal stage.

Either way, both studies certainly contradict each other but it is interesting to see that developments could be made in the world of brain studies. If the ageing population are able to generate new brain cells and neurons as they age then this could trigger a ton of new research and it could also help scientists to try and put an end to the everlasting battle of dementia. When we understand the condition, more support can then be given to those who need it the most and it could even help those who have very early signs of the disease to have a far better quality of life. Only time will tell which study will come out on top, and more testing certainly needs to be done.

Staff Writer; George Brown

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