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President Donald Trump: A lot like Old Glory.

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( Republicans and Democrats alike have thrown everything at President Trump but the proverbial kitchen sink. And yet, like “Old Glory,” i.e., the American flag, flying proudly over Fort McHenry as it withstood the relentless assault of enemies committed to robbing American citizens of their freedom and subjugating us to bow before the Throne of England, President Trump soldiers on.

I cannot help but equate the enormous sense of pride I have for the flag with the leadership of President Trump, considering the viciousness of the assault he has championed through.

President Trump, like that historic dawn during the War of 1812, which witnessed “Old Glory” waving proudly amidst the “rockets’ red glare, bombs bursting in air,” gives us proof that the long night of shame and misery Americans suffered under the past administrations has given way to the dawn of a bold new day.

President Trump was never supposed to win. It was never believed that he could win. He was viewed with contempt and scorn despite being enormously wealthy and despite having experienced great success professionally. To the elites, Donald Trump the man was good only to give money to their political action committees (PACs), give money to the candidates they approved of and/or to provide champagne-and-caviar venues for them to host their parties.

The morphological characteristics between the Republican Party that was the party of Reagan and the pusillanimous backstabbing camorra of liars and traitors masquerading as concerned representatives of We the People cannot be overstated. Meanwhile, the Democratic Party has descended to levels that were inconceivable even for them.

Democrats led by Nancy Pelosi, Maxine Waters, Elizabeth Warren, Chuck Schumer, Dick Durbin, et al. have devolved into a pernicious form of hebephrenia that surpasses the most criminally disturbed persons in the history of America.

Democrats are possessed with a deranged madness in their hatred of President Trump that is nothing short of demonic. It drives them to behave like feral children with rabies.

They seek to destroy the president, while Trump seeks to continue Making America Great Again. Democrats offered no answers when they were in power, and they have no ideas that would be successful in improving America if they were to take power again.

President Trump has bold common-sense plans to Make America Great Again. Despite the lack of support from elitist Republicans like John McCain and Paul Ryan, President Trump has singularly restored faith in the American economy. Unemployment is at its lowest levels in several decades. Businesses are returning to America; more business are expanding and reinvesting in America, which means even more jobs. Foreign powers fully understand that President Trump means what he says and says what he means. He is a man amongst men, a leader amongst leaders.

Democrats are interested in promoting men in women’s bathrooms, sodomy and transgenderism. As I have shared before, the Democratic National Committee (DNC) purchased an email list with my name on it. Accordingly, I receive emails from their faux leadership.

Specific to that point, I received an email from Xochitl Hinojosa, communications director for the DNC. The fundraising letter was nothing short of “nomen nudum,” i.e., they have taken hatred and madness to such unprecedented levels that there is no modern-day description to describe their lunacy.

The gist of the letter was that they had hired black, Latino, and homosexual staff in increased numbers to work for the DNC. That was their boast. That was what they had to offer as a workable construct to improve on the gargantuan strides forward President Trump has taken.

The obvious question is how does the DNC hiring a few blacks, Latinos and more homosexuals improve America? How does that further decrease national unemployment? How does that secure our borders? How does that do anything apart from pander to those who drink at the fountain of blindness? Hinojosa referenced these hirings as “providing a roadmap for [their] partners within the progressive movement.” But that still does not answer the questions I asked.

This is the leadership of the party that is waging war against the most fundamental right of We the People, i.e., the right to choose and elect the president of our choice. If they are successful in suppressing our right to said freedom, what will America become?

Where is their loyalty to the Constitution? Where is their adherence to truth and the welfare of all the people?

Wave after wave of their delusional madness has been fired at President Trump, yet he stands tall. We the People are blessed with each breaking dawn, knowing that he brings continued victory and a commitment to lead America and her people to a place of truth, prosperity and security.

The Republicans opposing President Trump represent a greed and elitist gentility that doesn’t respect outsiders, because outsiders threaten their lobbyist-fed gravy train.

Democrats opposing President Trump hate We the People. They are neo-Leninists who are committed to transmogrifying America into a wholly Marxist state. A commitment to freedom is denied to everyone who does not agree with their fractious, Erebusic dogma.

Columnist; Mychal Massie

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