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Hillary Clinton Needs To Fade Away.

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( Hillary Clinton still thinks she is relevant. This week Hillary spoke in Pittsburg to the American Federation of Teachers. Since her 2016 lost to an utterly political outsider in President Trump, Hillary has not swayed far from the opportunity to make news headlines or receive a cool $250,000 just for giving her inept opinion on something. Now, she is trying to tell others what is American.

During her speech, Clinton said that Trump is “trying to rip the heart out of America.” She went on to say that a test of a society is how we treat our most vulnerable, old and young. It was a strange statement for a Democrat to make who has no problem with abortions that cause pain to an unborn child.

Hillary Clinton doesn’t understand the heart of America. That is why she convincingly lost the 2016 election. It wasn’t because of the Trump-Russia hoax the Democratic Party started pushing the day after she was embarrassed.

Trump won because he understands American’s, and was honest. Most American citizens have placed politicians in a group with used car salesmen. Hillary spoke out of both sides of her mouth, and the top and bottom at times. The American electorate saw that. Politicians lie for a reason. Often their lies will take away our liberty, and citizens that love American values and traditions didn’t want that. As John Adams once so elegantly stated,” Liberty once lost is lost forever.”

Hillary Clinton isn’t the only one who doesn’t understand America. The Democratic Party is out of touch with real American’s. Nancy Pelosi immediately called Trump’s tax cuts crumbs. After a few months, she called for legislation that repeals the tax law changes. Hillary claims it is because the rich aren’t being taxed enough. No, it is because she wants more tax revenue to increase the number relying on the government, so voters are more accessible to keep. Pelosi doesn’t care about the new jobs that citizens can fill because of the Trump tax legislation.

As always, healthcare coverage was brought up. Hillary claimed that Trump is ripping healthcare away from millions of American’s. That is not true. Trump is trying to give more opportunity through freedom of choice by purchasing interstate, instead of just the government or within ones state only. The ability to buy insurance anywhere besides just the state you reside in is the epitome of the American free market. Competition drives down prices, and that helps the American consumer. Trump understands this. Hillary does not.

It is simple. The heart of America doesn’t rely on the government. Hillary can’t fathom this concept. To understand the mindset of American’s, you must know and accept the settling of the land which later became America. Democrats don’t like the founding, so they lie, twist and manipulate others to believe that dependence on Uncle Sam is the core of American values when it is the exact opposite.

The settlers wanted to be free from government control. Social media couldn’t connect the Crown to the new inhabitants, so distance was the best option. The brave men and women chose self-reliance and struggle over the king. That is the essence of the American heart.

If Hillary understood that, she would not have told coal miners their jobs would be gone after she’s elected.

In their blind, elitist hatred for America, Democrats will never know what makes the heartbeat of America. Instead, they will try to change our history, values, and traditions. For those reasons alone, we must always push back.

The Democratic Party deserves nothing from this country, except for defeat and extinction.

Columnist; John Dempsey

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